Famous people died in 2015

Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu was a New Zealand rugby player

New ZealanderMay 12, 1975536 views

Caleb Logan

Caleb Logan was part of the YouTube vlogging channel Bratayley, which at the time had over 2 million subscribers

AmericanJuly 13, 200292 views

Douglass North

Douglass North was an American economist who won a share of the 1993 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

Charles H. Townes

Charles Hard Townes was an American physicist and inventor

AmericanJuly 28, 1915132 views

Bart Cummings

James Bartholomew ‘Bart’ Cummings was an Australian race horse trainer

Frank Gifford

Frank Gifford was a famous American football player and television sports commentator

AmericanAugust 16, 193088 views

John Forbes Nash Jr.

John Forbes Nash Jr

AmericanJune 13, 1928177 views

Günter Grass

Gunter Grass was a German author who won the 1999 Nobel Prize in Literature

GermanOctober 16, 192787 views