Famous people born in 6 October

Jenny Lind

Jenny Lind

Jenny Lind was a Swedish opera singer often called the "Swedish Nightingale"

SwedishOctober 6, 1820228 views

Carole Lombard

Carole Lombard was an American film actress known for her energetic and often unusual roles in screwball comedies of the 1930s

AmericanOctober 6, 1908111 views

Janet Gaynor

Janet Gaynor was an American film, stage and television actress who won the first ever Academy Award for Best Actress

AmericanOctober 6, 1906113 views

Ernest Walton

Ernest Walton was an Irish physicist who shared the 1951 Nobel Prize in Physics with John Crockcroft for their work on splitting the atomic nucleus

IrishOctober 6, 1903120 views

Shahabuddin Nagari

Shahabuddin Nagari is a distinguished Bangladeshi poet, author and musician

Hafez al-Assad

Hafez Al-Assad was a Syrian politician and statesman who ruled the country with an iron grip for almost three decades

SyrianOctober 6, 1930128 views

Thor Heyerdahl

A famous ethnologist and explorer, Thor Heyerdahl, is known for his transoceanic explorations and study of South American immigration patterns

Valerie Adams

Valerie Adams is a prominent shot putter from New Zealand who is a two-time Olympic champion

Meghnad Saha

Meghnad Saha was an eminent astrophysicist best known for his theory of thermal ionization

IndianOctober 6, 1893173 views

Richard Dedekind

Richard Dedekind was a German mathematician famous for his contributions to abstract algebra

GermanOctober 6, 1831141 views