Famous people born in 25 October

Katy Perry

Katy Perry is a renowned singer, song writer, actor and entrepreneur, activist who hails from the United States

AmericanOctober 25, 1984121 views

James Carville

James Carville is a famous American political consultant and strategist who became famous for leading the successful presidential campaign of Bill Clinton.

AmericanOctober 25, 1944126 views


Drayke Austin is an American TikTok star and social media influencer

AmericanOctober 25, 2002717 views

Enoch True

Enoch True is an American social-media personality, best known for his comic content on various platforms such as 'Instagram,' 'musical.ly' (now 'TikTok'), and 'YouTube.'

AmericanOctober 25, 1998403 views

Évariste Galois

Evariste Galois was a great French mathematician who died at a young age of 20

FrenchOctober 25, 181190 views

Ivanita Lomeli

Ivanita Lomeli is an American model and Instagram star

AmericanOctober 25, 1997604 views

Valter Skarsgård

Valter Skarsgård is the youngest son of famous Swedish actors, Stellan Skarsgård and My Skarsgård

SwedishOctober 25, 1995148 views

Daxton Butler

Daxton Butler is the youngest child of the American YouTuber couple Shay Carl and Colette Butler

AmericanOctober 25, 2013146 views

Tegan Marie

Tegan Marie is an American country singer, songwriter, and YouTube star

AmericanOctober 25, 2003125 views

Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg is an American actor, producer, writer, and director

AmericanOctober 25, 1970174 views