Famous people born in 1 October - page 2

Yip Man

Yip Man

The famous martial arts trainer is known for establishing the first Wing Chun training school and teaching the likes of Bruce Lee

ChineseOctober 1, 1893374 views

Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is an award winning British film and stage actress

BritishOctober 1, 1935175 views

Paul Dukas

Paul Dukas was a noted French classical music composer

FrenchOctober 1, 1865116 views

Richard Harris

Richard Harris was an Irish actor, singer, director, producer and writer

IrishOctober 1, 1930120 views

Anayah Rice

Anayah Rice is an American social-media star, dancer and school-level basketball player

AmericanOctober 1, 2001759 views

Mario Ruiz

Mario Ruiz is a Colombian YouTuber best known for posting parodies

Michelle MangaMinx

Michelle MangaMinx is an English YouTube star and social media sensation

BritishOctober 1, 1983140 views

Milo Parker

Milo Parker is a British child actor

BritishOctober 1, 2002219 views

Sabrina Vaz

Sabrina Vaz is a Canadian YouTube singer and a popular social media personality

CanadianOctober 1, 1997554 views

Drew Chadwick

Drew Chadwick is a famous American singer and songwriter

AmericanOctober 1, 1992103 views