Famous people born in 1846

Buffalo Bill

Buffalo Bill was an American scout, soldier, hunter, and an entertainer

AmericanFebruary 26, 1846138 views

Henry Gannett

Henry Gannett was an American geographer often called "the Father of American map-making." This biography of Henry Gannett provides detailed information about his childhood, life, achievements, works & timeline.

AmericanAugust 24, 1846156 views

Charles Stewart Parnell

Charles Parnell was an Irish nationalist and leader of the Irish Home Rule League

BritishJune 27, 184693 views

Anna Katharine Green

Anna Katherine Green was an American poet and novelist, famously dubbed as the ‘Mother of the detective novel’

AmericanNovember 11, 1846125 views

Daniel Burnham

Daniel Burnham was a famous American architect and urban designer who designed several famous buildings in America and developed numerous cities like Chicago, Washington and many more.

Edward Baker Lincoln

Edward Baker Lincoln was one of the four sons of the US President Abraham Lincoln

AmericanMarch 10, 1846323 views

F. H. Bradley

F.H Bradley was the first British philosopher to be awarded by the Order of Merit

BritishJanuary 30, 1846113 views