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Elias Harger's Personal Details

All about the American TV actor, Elias Harger; his age, birthday, family, net worth and some fun facts.

BirthdayOctober 22, 2007
FamousTv Actor, Film & Theater Personalities, Actors, Child Actors
Nick namesElias, Max
Birth PlaceDenver, Colorado
Sun SignLibra
Born inDenver, Colorado
Famous asTV Actor

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Who is Elias Harger?

Elias Harger became famous as a TV actor when he played the part of Max in the series ‘Fuller House’ telecast by Netflix in 2016. He started acting when he was only five years old. He has played various roles for the ‘Denver Theatre Community’ which includes a role in ‘Shrek’ and ‘A Christmas Carol’. He has also acted in TV commercials and many stage productions. He has acted alongside other stars including Dave Coulier, Candace Cameron Bure and John Stamos. He has become very popular as a child actor and appears to be the best fit for the role of Max in the sitcom ‘Fuller House’ among a large number of other child actors.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Before he became famous as Max in ‘Fuller House’, Elias had already acted in two other short films, one of which was a horror story titled ‘Popsy’ that was released in 2014. He has played different roles from being a innocent kid such as Tiny Tim to more complicated roles such as in the film ‘Popsy’ and ‘Ghost Inside my Child’ produced by Lifetime Network. He also played a role in the film ‘Granny’ in 2015 which greatly increased his popularity as a child actor. In 2016 he bagged the role of Max who is the charismatic son of DJ in the series ‘Fuller House’ which is a revival of the earlier popular series ‘Full House’ produced by Netflix. He is active on social media such as Instagram where he has more than 199,000 followers. He also tweets on his Twitter handle where he has more than 178,000 followers.

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What Makes Elias Harger So Special

One of the greatest characteristics of Elias Harger is that he memorizes his scripts by listening as his proficiency in reading is not that great. But this does not stop him from being ahead of others on the sets in delivering his dialogues. He can pick a dance sequence very easily, and helps grown-ups on the sets to keep their babies quiet using his experience of baby-sitting his siblings. Though he is only 9 years old he is a great subject for photographers and gives poses for as many photos that they want. He is very popular on the sets as he entertains the crew and the cast between takes with his dances. He is a natural as far as a sitcom is concerned and provides the right facial expressions that are required for his roles. His success at such a very young age is an inspiring example to all youngsters who want to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Beyond Fame

Elias Harger is still too young to get involved in any controversies or scandals. His career is managed by his mother who also manages his official website. Elias has no girlfriends at the moment and has stayed away from all unpleasant incidents even though he has become very popular in the entertainment industry and to the world in general. He enjoys a very good rapport with all the cast and crew on the sets of ‘Fuller House’ and provides a helping hand to anybody who needs it. At present he stays with his family and is interested in making a great impact in the entertainment industry with his role as Max and other roles in future which he hopes to bag.

Behind The Curtains

Elias Harger was born in Colorado, United States on October 22, 2007. He has a younger brother with whom he grew up and spends a lot of time with. He attends school as every other youngster in the neighborhood and loves to draw, play the piano, swim and ski. He has attended a number of classes on drama and has been a great success as a local actor at the ‘Denver Center’. He was interested in acting from a very early age and was attracted to doing roles in films and movies as they seemed greatly magical to him. The ‘Denver Center’ gave him a chance to achieve his dream of acting on the stage and he became a stage actor at the age of 5. He went through the earlier version of the Netflix series when he was offered the role of Max in the revival series. Initially he was a bit surprised to see the actors who had played different roles in the earlier version appearing much older than they looked before when they came to the sets to make the revival series. But he soon got accustomed to them and they in turn helped him out as they have all had become experienced actors and actresses by this time.


Elias Harger memorizes his part by listening to the words of the script

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Elias Harger's FAQ

  • What is Elias Harger birthday?

    Elias Harger was born at 2007-10-22

  • Where is Elias Harger's birth place?

    Elias Harger was born in Denver, Colorado

  • What is Elias Harger nationalities?

    Elias Harger's nationalities is American

  • What is Elias Harger nick names?

    Elias Harger's nickNames is Elias, Max

  • What is Elias Harger's sun sign?

    Elias Harger is Libra

  • How famous is Elias Harger?

    Elias Harger is famouse as TV Actor

  • What is Elias Harger's facebook?

    Elias Harger's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/eliasharger/

  • What is Elias Harger's twitter?

    Elias Harger's twitter is https://twitter.com/eliasharger

  • What is Elias Harger's instagram?

    Elias Harger's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/eliasharger/