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DopeIsland's Personal Details

DopeIsland is a well-known American social media celebrity and Vine star

BirthdayMay 20, 1998
FamousInstagram Star, Instagram Stars, Viners, Teens and Kids
Nick namesAngelo Zeigler
  • Dearborn High School
Birth PlaceMichigan
Sun SignTaurus
Born inMichigan
Famous asViner, Instagram Star

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Who is DopeIsland?

DopeIsland is a popular Vine personality and has over 2.1 million followers on Vine. He is active over a range of social media. He posts very regularly, actively interacting with his viewers and fans. He has a strong sense of identity. His social media content attracts a variety of viewers. He is very interested in music including hip hop and other genres. His has a unique style and outlook, which is youthful and creative. He is confident and experimental in his work and the content he creates. His youth, ethnic identity and interest in music and fashion contribute to his popularity and the vibrancy of his videos and other social media content.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Angelo or DopeIsland was born in Michigan. He initially started off as a Vine user to watch other users, but soon began posting his own videos. He quickly gained popularity and a large viewership for his videos. His videos include commentary on current topics, and his views on music, sports and fashion trends. He is very social and collaborative in his videos. He draws on various aspects of youth culture together with strands of minority and counter cultural themes for the content that he creates. DopeIsland has created a distinctive persona and style on social media, and is very inventive and vibrant on his expressions. He is also an actor and has appeared in ‘Camp Unplug.’

fish flirting w/ @meechonmars

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What Makes DopeIsland So Special

DopeIsland has an ease and naturalness that is very attractive to viewers. He straddles different ethnic and demographic cultures with ease. His content also includes game play of current video games. He has a casual and sporty dressing style. His videos often contain skits or humorous acts. They also showcase aspects of social life, or current events. He often includes his friends and social circle in his videos. DopeIsland has collaborated with his friend MeechonMars for several videos. His videos contain commentary and features on media personalities and singers. There are also elements of fantasy and role play in his videos. His social media persona is very strong and distinctive, and gives a unique platform to his creativity and self expression. He has a distinctive style of commentary and presentation. DopeIsland has attracted a large following and popularity since the beginning of his social media career.

unfazed w/ @itsbabyj in the background

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Beyond Fame

DopeIsland (Angelo) has a close circle of friends and is deeply involved in his relationships, keeping in close touch with his followers on social media. His work is very collaborative and his social network is very active. He often features photos of his girlfriend and other friends on Instagram.

stop bullying

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Behind the Curtains

Angelo Zeigler or DopeIsland has a close-knit social circle. He is also close to his girlfriend, and features his friends often on his social media platforms. He has a variety of interests, and is closely involved with new trends on music and fashion.


He first joined Vine to watch other Vine users.

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DopeIsland's FAQ

  • What is DopeIsland birthday?

    DopeIsland was born at 1998-05-20

  • Where is DopeIsland's birth place?

    DopeIsland was born in Michigan

  • What is DopeIsland nationalities?

    DopeIsland's nationalities is American

  • What is DopeIsland nick names?

    DopeIsland's nickNames is Angelo Zeigler

  • What was DopeIsland universities?

    DopeIsland studied at Dearborn High School

  • What is DopeIsland's sun sign?

    DopeIsland is Taurus

  • How famous is DopeIsland?

    DopeIsland is famouse as Viner, Instagram Star

  • What is DopeIsland's twitter?

    DopeIsland's twitter is

  • What is DopeIsland's instagram?

    DopeIsland's instagram is