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Deji Olatunji's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Deji Olatunji, the famous American social media personality; his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayDecember 9, 1996
FamousYoutube Star, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Pranksters
SiblingsOlajide JJ Olatunji
Birth PlaceHertfordshire
FatherOlajide Olatunji
MotherYinka Olatunji
Sun SignSagittarius
Born inHertfordshire
Famous asYouTube Star

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Who is Deji Olatunji?

Deji Olatunji is a popular YouTube star with over 7 million subscribers and 2 billion views on his channel ComedyShortsGamer. In fact, he is so popular that in 2015 he made the second spot in the list of "UK’s Most Influential YouTube Creators" by Tubular Labs for BBC, right after his big brother Olajide "JJ" Olatunji, who claimed the top spot in the list. Deji primarily posts gaming videos, pranks, crazy challenge videos among other types of content. He is very active on YouTube and uploads an average of 3-4 videos per week. Most of his videos reach over 1 million views. He took part in the 2015 ‘Legends of Gaming’ competition alongside other YouTube gamers like Wroetoshaw and Calfreezy, and achieved the second legend spot. Deji has launched his own clothing line called ‘Tank’, which produces beanies and snapbacks that are sold via his website. He is also trying his hand in acting and was featured in the 2016 comedy film Laid In America, which stars his brother JJ and popular YouTube vlogger Caspar Lee in lead roles.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Deji Olatunji has been influenced a lot by his older brother JJ's YouTube success. The two boys have a healthy sibling rivalry and Deji, confident that he can achieve what his brother has achieved, started his own YouTube channel in 2011. Like his brother, who started his YouTube career with gaming videos, Deji also entered the YouTube scene with short funny videos on games like Halo 3, Tekken 6, Modern Warfare 3 and FIFA 12. However, during the initial days, he got much exposure for appearing on his brother's videos rather than his own uploads. Nevertheless, following JJ, he soon started to upload different types of videos on his channel, including vlogs, skits, challenges and pranks. Many of his videos featured failed pranks with his father, which quickly gained popularity and helped his channel to grow faster. He eventually hit the 1 million subscriber mark in 2013.

What Makes Deji Olatunji So Special

Deji Olatunji's fame on the internet is something he has worked hard to achieve. He puts an enormous amount of time to keep his followers entertained on a regular basis. He has a very similar taste when compared to his brother JJ and posts humorous videos on similar topics. However, in an effort to build his own identity, he has added to his channel a number of different videos like comedic Q&A series, pranks involving his parents and vlogs. He has maintained his own uniqueness in his videos, be it through more yelling, more weirdness or a lot more offensive mom-jokes. He has even taken part in "deadly" challenges that caused him physical pain and discomfort, like the "Do Not Do Challenge" or the hot sauce challenge.

Beyond Fame

While gaining even 1 million subscribers on YouTube is a huge feat, Deji Olatunji has managed to gain over 7 million subscribers. In spite of that, haters often mention that much of his fame is due to the fact that his brother is a much bigger internet celebrity and that Deji is riding on his brother's fame. However, both he and his brother often make it clear through their collaborative videos that they do not mind growing together and helping each other out. Indeed, they both have grown quite a lot as both of them now own Lamborghinis. They even posted a Lamborghini race video on both of their channels. Unfortunately, Deji's old Audi TT had met a tragic accident when the young YouTuber lost control of the car and smashed it. He got injured very badly and received nine stitches on his arm. According to doctors, the accident could have been fatal if he was driving a less sturdy car.

Behind The Curtains

Oladeji Daniel "Deji" Olatunji was born to Nigerian parents on December 9, 1996, in London, England. His parents, Olajide "Jide" Olatunji and Yinka Olatunji, moved from Nigeria to England, where they raised their two kids. His elder brother JJ, better known as KSI, is a very popular YouTuber who is currently the owner of YouTube's 23rd most subscribed channel with over 15 million subscribers. Their parents were initially skeptic of the YouTube platform as a viable career option. However, their older son's success convinced them. They are now very supportive of the two boys' efforts and play active roles in many of the videos the two brothers make for their respective channels. Deji’s father often competes with Deji in challenge videos or they together react to viral videos. He also helps Deji in filming his videos. Just as Deji had been a part of his brother's YouTube channel for a long time, his brother also appears in a lot of his videos.

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Deji Olatunji's FAQ

  • What is Deji Olatunji birthday?

    Deji Olatunji was born at 1996-12-09

  • Where is Deji Olatunji's birth place?

    Deji Olatunji was born in Hertfordshire

  • What is Deji Olatunji nationalities?

    Deji Olatunji's nationalities is British

  • Who is Deji Olatunji siblings?

    Deji Olatunji's siblings is Olajide JJ Olatunji

  • How tall is Deji Olatunji?

    Deji Olatunji's height is 173

  • Who is Deji Olatunji's father?

    Deji Olatunji's father is Olajide Olatunji

  • Who is Deji Olatunji's mother?

    Deji Olatunji's mother is Yinka Olatunji

  • What is Deji Olatunji's sun sign?

    Deji Olatunji is Sagittarius

  • How famous is Deji Olatunji?

    Deji Olatunji is famouse as YouTube Star

  • What is Deji Olatunji's facebook?

    Deji Olatunji's facebook is

  • What is Deji Olatunji's twitter?

    Deji Olatunji's twitter is

  • What is Deji Olatunji's instagram?

    Deji Olatunji's instagram is