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Daniel Lara's Personal Details

Daniel Lara is an American Instagram star and popular social media celebrity

BirthdayApril 4, 2001
FamousInstagram Star, Social Media Celebrity, Instagram Stars, Social Media Stars
Nick namesDamn Daniel
  • Studies at Riverside Polytechnic High School
  • California
Birth PlaceRiverside, California, United States
Sun SignAries
Born inRiverside, California, United States
Famous asInstagram Star, Social media celebrity

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Who is Daniel Lara?

Daniel Lara is an American youngster who is a famous star on Instagram and the internet. His popularity on the social media skyrocketed within a few years of his joining and he soon had more than 804K followers on Instagram and more than 230K followers on Twitter. The ‘Van Shoes Company’ presented Daniel with a life-time supply of shoes, some of which he donated to the patients at the ‘Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital’ in California. The profits of the shoe company also peaked along with the popularity of Daniel. The phrase ‘Damn Daniel’ became so popular that many companies such as ‘Vans’, ‘Clorox’, ‘Axe’ and ‘Denny’s’ started using the phrase in their marketing campaigns. Daniel and his friend Joshua Holz made a special appearance in the musical album ‘Weezer’ in the song ‘California Kids’. He was named as one of ‘the 30 most Influential on the Internet’ by the ‘Time Magazine’ in 2016. His video has inspired songs by the rappers ‘Little’, ‘LeBlanc’ and ‘Teej’.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Daniel Lara became famous due to the video ‘Damn Daniel’ which was posted by his friend Joshua Holz. The video was an edited version of a number of videos posted by Holz on Snapchat in which Holz repeatedly uses the words ‘Damn Daniel’. The Snapchat clips were filmed by Holz at the Riverside Polytechnic School. The video went viral and it was retweeted over and over again for more than 300K times on Twitter, gained more than 400K likes and got looped on the Vine more than 2 million times. The original video clipping was of 30-second duration, showing Daniel striding around the school building in skinny chinos, a navy blue hoodie, a burgundy-colored backpack and a pair of white slip on sneakers from Vans. As Lara strode around, Holz was heard repeating the words ‘Damn Daniel’ and ‘Back at it again with the white Vans’ every now and then. The company which had made the sneakers was so impressed by the video that it presented Lara with a life-time supply of Vans shoes during a guest appearance made by Daniel and Joshua on ‘The Ellen DeGeneres Show’.

Dentist Shenanigans

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What Makes Daniel So Special

A simple pair of shoes has created a phenomenon like nothing before. The popularity of the video ‘Damn Daniel’ showing Daniel Lara wearing a pair of white colored shoes made by ‘Vans’ has stormed the world like never before. Though it is very difficult to pinpoint what exactly is funny about the video, it has created a sensation all over the country. The expression ‘Damn Daniel’ is now getting attached to any person wearing a pair of white shoes. The goofy smiles given by Lara and Holz in the video have added to the comic aspect of the video.

US Open, I Love You!

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Beyond Fame

Daniel Lara has already become the victim of an internet hoax which says that he was beaten up and robbed while wearing white Vans sneakers. It also said that somebody had stolen his white Vans and was selling them for $3,000 on eBay. He became a victim of ‘swatting’ when someone rang up the police to tell them that there had been a shooting incident at his house and his mother was involved in it. This also proved to be a hoax. He is still single and seems to enjoy his popularity. With fame comes the invasion of privacy which Daniel has been able to cope with. He does not plan to get married in the near future though he has been inundated with marriage proposals after the video became a hit. He plans to make more videos with enough funny content to make all people laugh.

Behind The Curtains

Daniel Lara grew up in Los Angeles, California. He studies at the Riverside Polytechnic High School in Los Angeles. He was just another student of the Riverside Polytechnic before suddenly becoming a star on the internet. This was due to a video clipping that was made by his friend Joshua who took videos of his friend’s movements around school. He is a very handsome young man who already had a large number of girl fans even before he became famous. His popularity only helped him to increase the number of friends both at school and through the internet. Getting his personal phone number after he became famous is a big problem now as nobody wants to share it! Daniel loves to swim and is a good swimmer.

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Daniel Lara's FAQ

  • What is Daniel Lara birthday?

    Daniel Lara was born at 2001-04-04

  • Where is Daniel Lara's birth place?

    Daniel Lara was born in Riverside, California, United States

  • What is Daniel Lara nationalities?

    Daniel Lara's nationalities is American

  • What is Daniel Lara nick names?

    Daniel Lara's nickNames is Damn Daniel

  • What was Daniel Lara universities?

    Daniel Lara studied at Studies at Riverside Polytechnic High School, California

  • What is Daniel Lara's sun sign?

    Daniel Lara is Aries

  • How famous is Daniel Lara?

    Daniel Lara is famouse as Instagram Star, Social media celebrity

  • What is Daniel Lara's facebook?

    Daniel Lara's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/public/Daniel-Lara

  • What is Daniel Lara's twitter?

    Daniel Lara's twitter is https://twitter.com/daniel_laraa

  • What is Daniel Lara's instagram?

    Daniel Lara's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/danlaraa/