A composer is someone who creates and writes music. Composing is a solitary work and they mostly operate from home or a studio. Composers create original music ranging from pop to jazz to classical. They may write music for film scores, operas, ballets, other stage productions, or even television commercials. The musical themes and background music for films and television shows are created by composers. Composers who write for the stage may specialize in operas, musicals, plays, or other productions. Composers normally work alone, and need to be able to set their schedules independently. This can be a lonely occupation at times, though it can also be very rewarding. Responsibilities of a composer include determining the types of instruments and voices needed to achieve the intended effects of a composition, transcribing created music into musical notation and guiding musicians during practices and rehearsals. Creating music is a very creative process, and not all composers are able to adjust well to the demands of music as a business. The enthralling music created by the composer forms the backbone of almost every form of entertainment. This section provides you information about the life and works of various famous composers from all over the world.