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Codee Yount's Personal Details

Codee Yount is a YouTube personality, best known for his weird and absurd videos

BirthdayFebruary 15, 1993
FamousYoutube Personality, YouTubers, Vloggers, YouTube Pranksters
City/StateNew Yorkers
Girl FriendsRachel Morley
Childrens Aubrey
Birth PlaceSyracuse, New York
Sun SignAquarius
Born inSyracuse, New York
Famous asYouTube Personality

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Who is Codee Yount?

Codee Yount is a YouTube personality, best known for his weird and absurd videos that he posts on his self-titled channel. Most of Codee’s videos are shot in public. Codee’s comedy and prank videos are a hit among his fans as being funny is something that comes naturally to him. He generally posts a variety of videos, including daily vlogs on his channel. Codee has collaborated with many other YouTubers. A series of videos that he posted in collaboration with fellow YouTuber and friend, Lance Stewart, turned out to be one of his most popular series. In fact, Lance has played a vital role in helping Codee’s channel earn more than 550,000 subscribers. Codee has ventured into entrepreneurship as well as he owns a fashion line.

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The YouTube Story

Codee had a flair for comedy right from his childhood. His childhood friends have always referred to him as ‘fat boy’ or ‘fatso’ to which Codee has always managed to come up with a polite and humorous reply. He was always considered an entertainer by his family members. His parents would often introduce him to their guests by calling him an actor with a great sense of comic timing. In addition to that, Codee was also an amazing prankster. He would go to any extent to trick others.

Codee started his YouTube channel in 2016 and has uploaded numerous prank videos, daily vlogs and challenge videos on his channel. He started posting prank videos as soon as he created his channel. His channel became even more popular when he collaborated with fellow YouTuber Lance Stewart. He was introduced to Codee by a common friend and their collaboration gave a new identity to Codee’s channel.

Codee has always mentioned Lance as the reason behind his channel’s success. Codee also posted a video which was a continuation of one of Lance’s videos. One thing that makes Codee’s channel stand out is the randomness of its content. He does not follow a set pattern while posting his videos and that makes his channel unpredictable. Codee has a habit of shooting everything that he does. He tends to shoot his day-to-day activities. However, he does not post all his videos unless they have something interesting in them.

As far as his prank videos are concerned, Codee has posted a lot of them. He collaborated with Lance for a video titled ‘Pee Prank.’ In his subsequent prank video, he tricked his girlfriend by saying that he had ruined her favorite pair of sneakers. Codee has also taken up a few popular internet challenges like ‘Guessing the Age,’ ‘Cotton Ball Challenge,’ ‘Ice Bucket Challenge,’ etc.

Codee then posted a special video featuring his daughter. He wanted to share with his fans his routine as a father. The video got numerous likes and views, and his fans appreciated him for being a responsible father at such a young age. Codee is also popular on other social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch.

Apart from being a YouTuber, Codee is also an entrepreneur and owns a fashion line. His childhood dream of owning a clothing brand came true in 2013. The fashion line is named as ‘Merchyy’ and it sells Codee’s signature clothing and a collection of accessories.

Personal Life

Codee Yount was born on February 15, 1993 in Syracuse, New York. He is in a relationship with the social media personality, Rachel Morley. The couple has a daughter, Aubrey.

Codee is an absolute foodie and doesn't care what others have to say about his eating habits. In fact, he feels happy when people criticize and laugh at his poor physique as he derives immense satisfaction in making others laugh even at the cost of his dignity. He also owns a Chihuahua.

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Codee Yount biography timelines

  • // 15th Feb 1993
    Codee Yount was born on February 15, 1993 in Syracuse, New York. He is in a relationship with the social media personality, Rachel Morley. The couple has a daughter, Aubrey.

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Codee Yount's FAQ

  • What is Codee Yount birthday?

    Codee Yount was born at 1993-02-15

  • Where is Codee Yount's birth place?

    Codee Yount was born in Syracuse, New York

  • What is Codee Yount nationalities?

    Codee Yount's nationalities is American

  • Who is Codee Yount girl friends?

    Codee Yount's girlFriends is Rachel Morley

  • Who is Codee Yount childrens?

    Codee Yount's childrens is Aubrey

  • What is Codee Yount's sun sign?

    Codee Yount is Aquarius

  • How famous is Codee Yount?

    Codee Yount is famouse as YouTube Personality

  • What is Codee Yount's facebook?

    Codee Yount's facebook is

  • What is Codee Yount's twitter?

    Codee Yount's twitter is

  • What is Codee Yount's instagram?

    Codee Yount's instagram is