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A cartoonist is an artist skilled at drawing cartoons. Cartoons are drawings that depict humourous situations, often as satire, caricature or humour. Cartoonists work in print publications, animation, comic books, graphic novels, illustrations, graphic design, video games, television, films, etc. Even though cartoons are often meant to be humourous, they often convey deeper messages in an amusing way, especially in print or online publications. Cartoons may consist of just one picture, or a series of several pictures known as a comic strip. Cartoons are not realistic drawings, the features of people and animals are exaggerated to add to their effect. Often cartoons are accompanied by captions to convey a message to the audience. Cartoons as an art are not just about drawing funny pictures; through these pictures, the cartoonist has to connect with the readers and communicate to them a certain message. That is why political cartoons or satires are so popular—they convey a serious message in a humourous way. Depending upon the intended audiences, cartoonists may draw simple cartoons or more complex ones. In the field of animation, cartoonists also create storyboards for producing animated films. Browse through these biographies and timelines to explore the lives and works of various famous cartoonists from all over the world.

The Most Famous Cartoonists

Jeff KinneyFebruary 19, 1971AmericanJeff Kinney is an American author, cartoonist, game designer, and producer
HergéMay 22, 1907BelgianGeorges Prosper Remi, better known by his pen name Herge, was a Belgian cartoonist and illustrator, who created the iconic Tintin comic strip
Tove JanssonAugust 9, 1914FinnsTove Jansson is a famous painter, writer-illustrator and cartoonist known for creating the Moomin series of children books and cartoon characters
Raina TelgemeierMay 26, 1977AmericanRaina Telgemeier is an eminent cartoonist from USA
James ThurberDecember 8, 1894AmericanJames Thurber was an American author, journalist and cartoonist, famously known for his short stories and cartoons in ‘The New Yorker’ magazine
Gary LarsonAugust 14, 1950AmericanGary Larson is a retired American cartoonist, best known for his cartoons published under the title ‘The Far Side’
Matt GroeningFebruary 15, 1954AmericanMatt Groening is a popular American cartoonist, animator, writer, producer and voice actor
R. K. LaxmanOctober 24, 1921IndianR
Azim AzimzadeMay 7, 1880AzerbaijaniAzim Azimzade was a renowned Azerbaijani cartoonist and self-taught caricaturist
Shel SilversteinSeptember 25, 1930AmericanShel Silverstein, was an American poet, singer-songwriter, children’s author, cartoonist and a screenwriter
Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein, was an American poet, singer-songwriter, children’s author, cartoonist and a screenwriter

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