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Carly Waddell's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Carly Waddell, the famous singer, actor & Reality TV star; her birthday, her family and personal life, her boyfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayOctober 11, 1985
FamousReality Tv Star, Songwriters, Actors, Social Media Stars, Singers
SiblingsDenton Waddell, Zak Waddell
  • University of Oklahoma
Birth PlaceArlington, Texas, United States
FatherJeff Waddell
MotherMaryann Waddell
Sun SignLibra
Born inArlington, Texas, United States
Famous asSinger, Songwriter, Actor, Reality TV Star

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Who is Carly Waddell?

Carly Waddell is a singer, songwriter, actress and reality television contestant. Starting as a cruise ship singer, she has advanced her singing career through her involvement in various reality TV dating competitions. In 2015, she appeared on the 19th season of ‘The Bachelor’, and competed for the affection of Chris Soules. The same year, after being eliminated, she entered ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ on its second season in an attempt to win the heart of Kirk DeWindt. In 2016, she took part in the third season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ and developed a lasting relationship with Evan Bass. She moved to Nashville, Tennessee, to take part in comedy shows as an actress. A trained actress, she also took part in a number of musical dramas. She co-wrote the song “So I Do” with her then boyfriend Erik DiNardo, and performed it during her best friend Jade Roper's wedding to Tanner Tolbert.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Carly Waddell, who is a singer and songwriter, used to share cover songs on her YouTube channel long before she appeared on television. She was also a cruise ship singer before she entered into the dating competition. She showed off her singing skills during her introduction on ‘The Bachelor’ and entered the show during its 19th season, in which Chris Soules was the bachelor. She received special attention due to her Pinterest board filled with the title ‘one day’, dedicated to her wedding. The fact that she had many pictures of country boys like Chris, and that she also prioritized family like the Iowa farmer, brought her under spotlight during the show. She reached the fifth spot before being eliminated from the show on its seventh week. However, being one of the favorite contestants, she would later appear in two seasons of the spin-off show ‘Bachelor in Paradise’.

What Makes Carly Waddell So Special

Carly Waddell is a blogger who shares her thoughts, experiences and aspirations on her official blog and website. In many of her blogs, she shared songs written by her, reflecting on different experiences in her life. Carly, who is also a talented singer, sang onscreen during her introduction on ‘The Bachelor’, and later, she penned another song remembering her first one-on-one date with Chris Soules, which she published on her blog. Since then, she has shared with her readers many songs including “It Was Different Then”, “Girl in Your Dreams” and “So I Do”. She developed a friendship with Jade Roper, who was also a contestant on the 19th season of ‘The Bachelor’. After Jade participated and won in the second season of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, she wrote and performed a song at her wedding, which was aired on TV during a special episode on the series, ‘The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love’. She and her friend Jade made T-shirts with friendship quotes, which she again shared on her blog. Along with her mother, she made many religious art pieces, some of which they collected in the form of a children's book in 2015. She always stays connected with her fan base, and even shares her break-up pangs with her readers. This way she has made a permanent place in the hearts of her followers.

Look what I got my dad for his 60th! Sommmmmmmebody named Huck is #jealous #kingcharlesspaniel

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Beyond Fame

Carly Waddell was bullied for her thin eyebrows during The Bachelor. She later revealed that it was a side effect of her hyperthyroidism which was diagnosed in 2014. She was in a relationship with Erik DiNardo, a singer/songwriter from Nashville, since August 2015. The couple dated for about six months, but later decided to separate on February 15, 2016, just after Valentine's Day. Calling the incident unexpected for both of them, she mentioned that they both decided to end their relationship as their different career goals did not allow them to be together. She dated Kirk DeWindt on season two of ‘Bachelor in Paradise’, but failed to win his heart. In the next season of the show, she dated Evan Bass. Despite Evan having a crush on her, she initially avoided him, but they eventually got engaged at the end of the season. They are planning to marry in 2017.

This is what u do when it's raining in Sonoma #hoodrats

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Behind The Curtains

Carly Waddell was born on October 11, 1985, in Arlington, Texas. Her parents are Jeff and Maryann Waddell. She has two brothers, Zak and Denton. Zak Waddell was a contestant on the ninth season of ‘The Bachelorette’ and competed for the affection of Desiree Hartsock. She attended musical theatre at Tisch School of the Arts, New York University. She got her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Musical Theatre Performance from the University of Oklahoma in 2007. She currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee, with Evan Bass and his three sons, Ensley, Liam and Nathan. Carly, who spends a lot of time with them, has become a "soccer mom".

Celebrating Christmas at the Bass house like... (and this shirt is from @pinkarrowsboutique )

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Carly Waddell's FAQ

  • What is Carly Waddell birthday?

    Carly Waddell was born at 1985-10-11

  • Where is Carly Waddell's birth place?

    Carly Waddell was born in Arlington, Texas, United States

  • What is Carly Waddell nationalities?

    Carly Waddell's nationalities is American

  • Who is Carly Waddell siblings?

    Carly Waddell's siblings is Denton Waddell, Zak Waddell

  • What was Carly Waddell universities?

    Carly Waddell studied at University of Oklahoma

  • How tall is Carly Waddell?

    Carly Waddell's height is 162

  • Who is Carly Waddell's father?

    Carly Waddell's father is Jeff Waddell

  • Who is Carly Waddell's mother?

    Carly Waddell's mother is Maryann Waddell

  • What is Carly Waddell's sun sign?

    Carly Waddell is Libra

  • How famous is Carly Waddell?

    Carly Waddell is famouse as Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Reality TV Star

  • What is Carly Waddell's facebook?

    Carly Waddell's facebook is

  • What is Carly Waddell's twitter?

    Carly Waddell's twitter is

  • What is Carly Waddell's youtube?

    Carly Waddell's youtube is

  • What is Carly Waddell's instagram?

    Carly Waddell's instagram is