Boxers are the individuals who engage in boxing as a sport professionally. Boxing is a combat sport in which two participants engage in a fist fight while wearing padded gloves and adhere to certain fixed rules of the game. Also known as pugilism and prize fighting, it was considered illegal in several societies before the 19th century—it is still illegal in countries like Norway and Cuba. However today it is a common sport that is part of the Olympic and Commonwealth games and also has its own world championships. Since long boxing has been considered a lucrative career for those who are well built and possess superior endurance and physical strength. Boxing is a physically demanding sport and entails long hours of strenuous training. The daily workout for a boxer could include several miles of running, sessions of punching heavy bags, and rounds of practicing with a partner. They also need to consume a specialized diet high in carbohydrates and protein in order to maintain their physical health and build body mass. Boxing is considered primarily a male sport even though several females have also made their mark in this area. This section provides you information about the life and works of various famous Boxers from all over the world.