Famous Baseball Players - List of Famous Baseball Players

Baseball players are the sports persons who are skilled at playing baseball and play the game as an amateur or professional.  Baseball is a bat and ball game that is played between two teams consisting of nine players each. The teams take turns batting and fielding. Baseball in its modern form evolved from a series of older bat and ball games in England in the 18th century and later spread to different parts of the world. Baseball became the national sport of the U.S. by the late 19th century and is today popular in North America, Central and South America, East Asia and Europe. Baseball is a sport of precision. The end result of a game depends heavily on the accuracy of the players—a pitcher’s throw, the batter’s swing of a bat, and the runners’ speed. Baseball players should adopt a multi-dimensional approach towards training as they need to develop their explosive strength, build their core strength and improve their agility and feet movement. A baseball player's diet is also of great significance. Proper nutrition and consumption of adequate amounts of fluids is essential for enabling the players to reach their highest level of performance. Read on to learn about the life and works of various famous baseball players from all over the world.

The Most Famous Baseball Players

Jaden Gil AgassiOctober 26, 2001AmericanJaden Gil Agassi is an American junior baseball player and the first child of legendary tennis couple Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf
Satchel PaigeJuly 7, 1906AmericanSatchel Paige was a legendary African-American baseball player
Billy BeaneMarch 29, 1962AmericanBilly Beane is a former American baseball player, who currently serves as an administrator
Deion SandersAugust 9, 1967AmericanDeion Sanders is a former American football and baseball player
Ken CaminitiApril 21, 1963AmericanKen Caminiti was an American baseball player
Richie SexsonDecember 29, 1974AmericanRichie Sexson is a former baseball player
Jackie RobinsonJanuary 31, 1919AmericanJackie Robinson was the first African-American to play in the Major League Baseball (MLB)
Ted WilliamsAugust 30, 1918AmericanTed Williams was an American baseball player
Albert PujolsJanuary 16, 1980Dominican, AmericanAlbert Pujols is a professional baseball player who emigrated from the Dominican Republic to the US
Roberto ClementeAugust 18, 1934Puerto RicanRoberto Clemente was a professional Puerto Rican baseball player, who is regarded among the best baseball players ever
Bo Jackson

Bo Jackson

is an American former baseball and football player and the only sportsperson to be named an All-Star in two major sports

AmericanNovember 30, 1962152 views

Sandy Koufax

Sandy Koufax is a former American ‘Major League Baseball’ (MLB)

AmericanDecember 30, 1935263 views

Ichiro Suzuki

Ichiro Suzuki is an accomplished Japanese professional baseball outfielder

JapaneseOctober 22, 1973158 views

Mickey Mantle

Mickey Mantle was a renowned American professional baseball player

AmericanOctober 20, 1931127 views

Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth was an American baseball player considered to be among the best to have ever graced the game

Al Lopez

Al Lopez was an American professional baseball player and baseball team manager

AmericanAugust 20, 1908112 views

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez is an American baseball third baseman for the New York Yankees of Major League Baseball

AmericanJuly 27, 1975132 views

Willie Mays

Willie Mays is a retired American professional baseball player who was a center fielder with the New York and San Francisco Giants for the most of his career

AmericanMay 6, 1931156 views

Billy Sunday

Billy Sunday was a popular baseball player before he became an influential evangelist in America

AmericanNovember 19, 1862188 views

Barry Bonds

Barry Bonds was one of the most prolific and outstanding baseball players in history

AmericanJuly 24, 1964103 views