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Baby Ariel's Personal Details

Learn about Baby Ariel, the famous American musician and star; her birthday, what she did before fame, her family life, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayNovember 22, 2000
NationalityAmerican Stars, TikTok Stars, YouTubers, YouTube Singers
SpousesZach Clayton
SiblingsKing Jacob
Birth PlaceFlorida
FatherJose Martin
MotherSharon Kremen Martin
Sun SignScorpio
Born inFlorida
Famous Star

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Who is Baby Ariel?

Baby Ariel, a sort after name you got to know is an American sensation who is a famous social media personality. Relatively new in the social media space, this young 15 year old lass has been doing outrageously well at her vocation. She is in vogue for her activities on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram and is best known from the most famous app which she first downloaded in 2015. And guess what she did this out of sheer boredom and boy look at the fan following she earned as a result of that in just about 1 year. Her social media stardom has reached over 8 million users on the app, which has accumulated over 47 million YouTube video views. As of now, she has more than 700,000 subscribers and over 2.5 million followers. Ariel is just a typical American teen who adores Justin Beiber and probably she herself wouldn’t have fantasized what it’s like to be like such a freaking awesome personality. So people, let’s scoop out some more information about this super cool teen who has captured so many hearts. Her powerfully electrifying popularity knows no bounds as she is the most talked about and gossiped star of YouTube whose subscribers are increasing at a crazily fast rate with each passing day. Bring it on girl! Way to go!

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

The success story behind this green eyed girl is the app which is called which she first downloaded during one lazy summer day in 2015 after watching a lip sync video posted on ‘Instagram’. After delving more deep into this app, eventually she treads the road to massive fame and publicity from where there’s no looking back for Ariel. She has done some incredible lip syncs to some of today’s greatest hits, which has turned her into a viral star within no time. This app basically provides an opportunity to its creators to make music videos, let’s them play around with songs, content etc with just a click of a button; thereby making it a potential tool to amplify one’s road to renown.

The credit doesn’t solely go to the app alone; in fact it’s the steadfastness and the tenacity of Ariel who relentlessly played around the app to showcase her multifaceted talents without giving up on her efforts.

What Makes Baby Ariel So Special

When enquired, Ariel in the light of her humility, accords the credit of her success to her fans and followers whom she tries to keep in touch with on a regular basis. Besides all these, at a tender age of 15, Baby Ariel exudes a superstar confidence in anything she does, which is just so characteristic of hers.

what's up babies??

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She’s a deadly combination of talent and beauty and is a noteworthy star in popular social media sites too like ‘Twitter’ and ‘Instagram’, which is justified by her massive fan following. There are no questions she will gain more fame and success in future as she is amazingly pretty and has a charming personality. She is gifted with a mellifluous voice as well that leaves people enraptured.

Beyond Fame

Baby Ariel was practically oblivious that one could make a career out of social media and she now looks forward to take it up full-time. And as we know that a career in social media not only grabs supporters, it has a darker side too. In the initial times when Ariel had just started on she was exposed to online bullying, that prompted her to create the #ArielMovement.

It’s an anti-bullying campaign in support of young people so that they stay confident about themselves. She launched a lipstick line for her supporters as well as they seem to be inquiring on what color she wears. In the light of these initiatives, her supporters are just insanely in love with her while she gives personal attention to them and treats them like her own friends.

Well we couldn’t agree more that this young girl with all her brilliance is already dazzling. Although she is still very young, it’s pretty evident that there’s a lot more in store for Ariel and her stardom in years to come. And now let’s wish well to this reigning queen in her future endeavors!

Behind The Curtains

Her actual name is Ariel Martin and she is an American by origin, born in South Florida to be more precise. She has a younger brother, King Jacob who also became popular on Her Dad was born in Panama and her Mom in New Jersey and her grandparents are from Israel, Cuba, Spain and Panama.

Her Parents have been very supportive with Ariel all through and now her mother manages, a account. We do not have much updates about her boyfriend but off late this year she has been spotted to be dating the ‘YouNow’ star Zach Clayton.

It might be surprising that we do not have much information on her biography so at least let’s go through what’s readily available about her. She was born on 22nd November, 2000 in Florida, United States. Her ethnicity is not formally revealed I guess but there’s a high probability of it being white. With her overwhelming success, this super star already has a decent net worth which she is highly worthy of and has made her parents extremely proud of her.

The 5 feet tall girl is also blessed with a great body and no wonder in future she will really turn out to be attractive and charismatic since she is still too young as of now. She is the cynosure of all eyes as she is doing incredibly well with her YouTube videos which cannot go unnoticed. In years to come we shouldn’t be surprised if we get to see Baby Ariel getting casted on TV shows as well.

so i got sillystringed...

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Baby Ariel's FAQ

  • What is Baby Ariel birthday?

    Baby Ariel was born at 2000-11-22

  • Where is Baby Ariel's birth place?

    Baby Ariel was born in Florida

  • What is Baby Ariel nationalities?

    Baby Ariel's nationalities is American

  • Who is Baby Ariel spouses?

    Baby Ariel's spouses is Zach Clayton

  • Who is Baby Ariel siblings?

    Baby Ariel's siblings is King Jacob

  • Who is Baby Ariel's father?

    Baby Ariel's father is Jose Martin

  • Who is Baby Ariel's mother?

    Baby Ariel's mother is Sharon Kremen Martin

  • What is Baby Ariel's sun sign?

    Baby Ariel is Scorpio

  • How famous is Baby Ariel?

    Baby Ariel is famouse as Star

  • What is Baby Ariel's facebook?

    Baby Ariel's facebook is

  • What is Baby Ariel's twitter?

    Baby Ariel's twitter is

  • What is Baby Ariel's youtube?

    Baby Ariel's youtube is

  • What is Baby Ariel's instagram?

    Baby Ariel's instagram is

  • What is Baby Ariel's

    Baby Ariel's is