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Ava Sangster's Personal Details

Ava Sangster is a famous English actress

BirthdayApril 11, 1992
FamousFilm & Theater Personalities, Actresses
SiblingsThomas Brodie Sangster
Birth PlaceEngland, United Kingdom
FatherMark Ernest Sangster
MotherTasha Bertram
Net Worth$1.5 million as of Jul 30,2016
Sun SignAries
Born inEngland, United Kingdom
Famous asActress

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Who is Ava Sangster?

How many actors do you know who can sing just as brilliantly as they can act? Not many, but from the handful in the list that you have, the name of Ava Sangster stands out prominently. Born to a singer mother and actor and musician father, it was only natural for Sangster to be born talented. She inherited skills from both her parents and went on to outshine them brilliantly as a performing artist. Sangster first started off as a performer on the band, Winnet, in which her mother sang while her father played the drums. Later on, in 2007, Sangster won herself a small role in the film ‘The Last Legion’. Her brother, Thomas Brodie Sangster, also starred in it. Though she hasn’t appeared in any other film after her debut, critics have been waiting for her next film eagerly as she has the talent to reach great heights.

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While some are born talented, others acquire the talent as they grow up. Ava Sangster definitely falls in the first category. Born to an actor father and singer mother, it was only natural for young Sangster to be blessed with the best of the virtues of her parents. And rightly so, the girl, by her teens, proved her worth both as an actor and singer. When she was little, Sangster started contributing to the band Winnet, in which her father played the drums while her mother sang. Almost immediately, she bagged a role in the film ‘The Last Legion’ alongside her brother Thomas Brodie Sangster. Ava Sangster was lauded for her role as a Celtic girl. However, after her first film, Sangster did not appear in any other film.

Personal Life

Ava Sangster was born on April 11, 1992 in England, United Kingdom to Mark Ernest Sangster and Tasha Bertram. She has an elder brother Thomas Brodie Sangster. Her father is an actor by profession and so is her elder brother. Acting runs in the blood of the Sangsters and Ava was naturally bitten by it. Coming from an affluent family, Sangster was free to pursue her interest in acting and music as a child. She trained and polished her acting skills and by the age of 15 bagged herself a role on the big screen. Sangster’s first outing in films was for the flick ‘The Last Legion’ in which she appeared as a Celtic girl with her brother Thomas Brodie Sangster. Other than acting, Sangster loves singing in her spare time.

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Ava Sangster's FAQ

  • What is Ava Sangster birthday?

    Ava Sangster was born at 1992-04-11

  • Where is Ava Sangster's birth place?

    Ava Sangster was born in England, United Kingdom

  • What is Ava Sangster nationalities?

    Ava Sangster's nationalities is British

  • Who is Ava Sangster siblings?

    Ava Sangster's siblings is Thomas Brodie Sangster

  • How tall is Ava Sangster?

    Ava Sangster's height is 170

  • Who is Ava Sangster's father?

    Ava Sangster's father is Mark Ernest Sangster

  • Who is Ava Sangster's mother?

    Ava Sangster's mother is Tasha Bertram

  • What is Ava Sangster's sun sign?

    Ava Sangster is Aries

  • How famous is Ava Sangster?

    Ava Sangster is famouse as Actress

  • What is Ava Sangster's twitter?

    Ava Sangster's twitter is https://twitter.com/avasangstcr

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