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Ava Michelle Cota's Personal Details

Ava Michelle Cota is an American vocalist and dancer

BirthdayApril 10, 2002
FamousVocalist, Dancers, Actresses, Social Media Stars
SiblingsDevon Cota (brother)
Known asAva Cota
Birth PlaceMichigan, USA
FatherRick Cota
MotherJeanette Cota
Sun SignAries
Born inMichigan, USA
Famous asDancer, Vocalist, Actress

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Who is Ava Michelle Cota?

Ava Michelle Cota, an Abby Lee Dance Company alumnus, is an excellent dancer. She is well known from her appearances in the popular dance show ‘Dance Moms.’ She appeared in the third season of the show and was one of the Abby Lee Dance Company’s Elite Select Ensemble for the fourth season. She has performed live with many celebrities, including for Flo-Rida, NBA Mob Squad and Kid Rock Live Performance, to name a few. She is a trained dancer and has won numerous national titles. In 2014, she was named Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy International. She also appeared as one of the competitors on ‘So You Think You Can Dance 2016.’

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Ava’s first appearancewas on ‘Dance Moms’, in the third season of the show. It was an episode called ‘The Beginning of The End.’ She appeared on the show in the third, fourth, fifth and sixth seasons.Her most favorite performance on the show was ‘The Rapture.’Eventually she was kicked out of the show, due to issues with her height as she was taller than most of her contemporaries. However, she continued to compete as a part of the Broadway Dance Academy and Candy Apple’s Dance Center. Ava has appeared in several commercials and has modelled for Sacs, Ford Motors, Sally Miller Fashion, Patrick J Designs and many others. She also has an active career as a vocalist.She is a member of the Mob Squad, a group of young hip-hop dancers for the Detroit Pistons.

What Makes Ava So Special

Growing up, Ava wanted to be an actress, but she was also very fond of dancing. She started dancing at a studio when she was just two. She moved to her mother’s studio a year later and started training there. Her dancing styles include ballet, jazz, hip-hop and freestyle. She was named Miss Pre-Teen Galaxy International in 2014.The year 2015 saw her training rigorously, with as many as 30 hours per week, some with her personal ballet teacher and some at the BDA.

Ava has been a part of several dance competitions throughout the years. She has also been actively training with the Broadway Dance Studio and other tutors. Apart from dancing, she is astonishingly talented in athletics as well. Her athletic skills include aerobics, swimming, and gymnastics. She likes to do these activities whenever she gets some time off of her busy schedule.

Beyond Fame

In 2014, Ava was a part of the ‘Move the World charity’ event that took place in Houston, Texas. The event aimed at spreading awareness regarding various issues through dance. She was a performer at this event. She did a contemporary number and was applauded by the audience. She is also a member of the Mob Squad, a group of hip-hop dancers for the Detroit Pistons.In 2015, Ava was one of the performers at an event held by ‘Cabaret for a Cause.’ This event aimed at raising funds for the support of the needy and to raise awareness amongst people.

As a teenager, Ava has faced cyber bullying on account of her height. She was also criticized by some people as being ‘too thin.’ However, Ava has not let any of these criticisms weather her down and continues with one successful venture after another.

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Behind The Curtains

Ava’s mother, Jeanette Cota is the owner of the Broadway Dance Academy studio in Fenton, Michigan. She was formerly a model and a dance teacher. She has taken active part in Ava’s dance career and looks at her progress personally. Ava is also good at singing. In 2015, she wrote a song called ‘Shine Thru Me.’ This song was written in the memory of her father who passed away when she was quite young. She sang the song herself and has also appeared in its video. The song is very well written and describes her loss and how much her father meant to her. She also describes how he will continue to shine through her no matter what happens.


Ava’s favorite dance styles are hip hop and contemporary.

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Ava Michelle Cota's FAQ

  • What is Ava Michelle Cota birthday?

    Ava Michelle Cota was born at 2002-04-10

  • Where is Ava Michelle Cota's birth place?

    Ava Michelle Cota was born in Michigan, USA

  • What is Ava Michelle Cota nationalities?

    Ava Michelle Cota's nationalities is American

  • Who is Ava Michelle Cota siblings?

    Ava Michelle Cota's siblings is Devon Cota (brother)

  • Who is Ava Michelle Cota's father?

    Ava Michelle Cota's father is Rick Cota

  • Who is Ava Michelle Cota's mother?

    Ava Michelle Cota's mother is Jeanette Cota

  • What is Ava Michelle Cota's sun sign?

    Ava Michelle Cota is Aries

  • How famous is Ava Michelle Cota?

    Ava Michelle Cota is famouse as Dancer, Vocalist, Actress

  • What is Ava Michelle Cota's twitter?

    Ava Michelle Cota's twitter is https://twitter.com/avacota2002

  • What is Ava Michelle Cota's instagram?

    Ava Michelle Cota's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/avacota02/