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Anthony Padilla's Personal Details

Anthony Padilla is an American YouTube star, comedian and actor

BirthdaySeptember 16, 1987
FamousComedians, Youtube Star, Actors, Teens and Kids, YouTubers, Comedy YouTubers
  • Del Campo High School
Birth PlaceCalifornia
FatherDan Padilla
MotherLeezah Padilla
Sun SignVirgo
Born inCalifornia
Famous asYouTube Star, Comedian and Actor

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Who is Anthony Padilla?

Anthony is the co-founder of ‘Smosh’ and the partner of Ian Hecox; together they make web-based sketch comedy videos. In 2005, they began their own YouTube channel called ‘Smosh’ which has 22.5 million subscribers, and is hailed as one of the most popular channels on YouTube. They have over 6.2 billion views on their hilarious video content. The two launched another channel very recently which has over 5.3 million subscribers already. They have been best friends since sixth grade, and have sworn to have each other’s back. Anthony created his own channel, with around 1.2 million subscribers. He has 2.7 million followers on Instagram and 2.41 million on Twitter. Well that affirms exactly how popular he is! He loves cracking jokes and on his Facebook account he has registered his occupation as a lawyer, simply in jest.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Around the time when Anthony was 15, he was diagnosed with Henoch-SchonleinPurpura (HSP). He couldn’t attend school as he was almost bed-ridden and decided to use his time fruitfully by learning coding. He found a means to connect with his friends without needing to hang out with them; he called it ‘Smosh.’ His website gained so much popularity that people beyond his friend circle began using it. From 30 users his base grew to 30,000 users soon. One fine day, along with his friend Ian, he posted a video on ‘’ of himself and Ian lip syncing to the Power Rangers song. It was so loved that it went viral and people began posting its link on their ‘My Space’ accounts. His Smosh video found its ways to YouTube, which was then a new website. Since paying for Smosh bandwidth was expensive, Anthony and Ian created their own YouTube channel ‘Smosh’. The two also took up merchandise together, and sold apparel to make additional money during college. Two years later, YouTube offered them a chance to be part of its first wave of Ad Program. Thus they began making money on their videos. Six months later, the duo dropped out of college and took up YouTube full-time.

What Makes Anthony So Special

His dark brown hair, brown eyes, cute looks and luscious thick hair makes him a sensation among girls. He is very attractive, smart, and witty, the perfect blend of a man. He is determined, and has never let his disorders come in the way of his progress. He used to be shy, and still is to quite an extent, especially when it comes to women! He is hardworking and has chalked out his career to achieve his dreams.

Beyond Fame

There is one thing that Anthony mentions he loves above everything else, and that is Tacos! Anthony is currently a vegan owing to health issues. He is a movie buff; his favorite being Disney Production’s ‘Toy Story.’ In fact, he believes that the story is true and intheir own parallel universe toys are alive, which indicates how fond he is of toys as well! He loves to be around kids and pampers them, especially his cousin Sadie.

Behind the Curtains

Anthony’s parents broke up when he was two. He used to visit his father, Dan, only during the weekends. He was torn between his parents, and cried to have both parents in his life.As a young boy he witnessed his mother suffering from agoraphobia, which is an anxiety disorder that caused her to be house imprisoned. Another devastating event as a child was watching his beloved grandmother passing away. He had to shoulder the household responsibility and got used to venturing out and buying groceries for the family at the age of fourteen. He hardly mixed around with other kids, except for Ian. He was also diagnosed with HSP which has fortunately remained dormant throughout his adulthood. He dropped out of college as he wanted to pursue his career. However, at twenty-one he had an anxiety attack; his mother’s disorder had passed onto him. His anxiety began to govern him, as he got more anxious with passing time that his career would get ruined because of the disorder. For over five years he battled with anxiety and learnt how to prevent it from occurring. When it comes to his love life, Anthony mentioned in his ‘Draw My Life’ video that his relationship with Kalel Cullen was toxic and manipulative. Hence, he broke up with her. Kalel refuted his accusations, and took to Twitter to post about it, later resolving it by tweeting “Let’s leave the past in the past.” He is currently dating Miel and has chosen not to reveal all details of his personal life.

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Anthony Padilla's FAQ

  • What is Anthony Padilla birthday?

    Anthony Padilla was born at 1987-09-16

  • Where is Anthony Padilla's birth place?

    Anthony Padilla was born in California

  • What is Anthony Padilla nationalities?

    Anthony Padilla's nationalities is American

  • What was Anthony Padilla universities?

    Anthony Padilla studied at Del Campo High School

  • How tall is Anthony Padilla?

    Anthony Padilla's height is 180

  • Who is Anthony Padilla's father?

    Anthony Padilla's father is Dan Padilla

  • Who is Anthony Padilla's mother?

    Anthony Padilla's mother is Leezah Padilla

  • What is Anthony Padilla's sun sign?

    Anthony Padilla is Virgo

  • How famous is Anthony Padilla?

    Anthony Padilla is famouse as YouTube Star, Comedian and Actor

  • What is Anthony Padilla's twitter?

    Anthony Padilla's twitter is

  • What is Anthony Padilla's youtube?

    Anthony Padilla's youtube is

  • What is Anthony Padilla's instagram?

    Anthony Padilla's instagram is