The world has generally been obsessed with blue-eyed, fair-skinned blondes. However, over the years, several actresses of African American descent have taken the world of glamor by storm and proved that ‘dusky is beautiful too’. The past few decades have seen the rise of several beautiful actresses of African American actresses, who have grabbed the limelight for both their drop-dead gorgeous looks and their acting prowess. Yesteryear actresses like Diahann Caroll and Dorothy Dandridge were one among the first few divas who became heartthrobs. They also inspired a whole generation of actresses to enter tinsel town and many young girls to look fabulous. Diahann Caroll earned a lot of acclaim for her performances in Broadway musicals. She went on to work in the acclaimed television series ‘Julia’ later, for which she even fetched the prestigious ‘Golden Globe Award’. A few other famous African American actresses are Halle Berry, Whoppi Goldberg, Kerry Washington, Viola Davis and Vanessa L Williams. Currently, Halle Berry is still considered hot property by many and has been making men weak in their knees. She is best known for her roles in the James Bond spy thriller ‘Die Another Day’, ‘Monster Ball’, ‘The Flintstones’ and several other acclaimed Hollywood blockbusters. Whoppi Goldberg has been praised for her great comic timing and her ability to leave audiences in splits. You will find below a list of famous African American actresses admired worldwide. Some of them continue being popular even after being away from the limelight since decades.

Hally Berry, Whoppi Goldberg and Diahann Caroll are a few famous African American heartthrobs