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Tom Cassell's Personal Details

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BirthdayJune 23, 1993
FamousYoutubers, Social Media Stars, Twitch Streamers, YouTubers, Gamers
Known asTheSyndicateProject, Tom Syndicate
Birth PlaceManchester, England
Sun SignCancer
Born inManchester, England
Famous asYouTuber

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Who is Tom Cassell?

Who knew that there would ever be an era where gamers would be as popular as Hollywood stars? From a normal, everyday guy to being one of the most talked about social media celebrities, Tom Cassell and his ‘YouTube’ channel have been the driving forces of several gaming fanatics. Talk about being thrown into the spotlight, little did Tom know that his channel that was started with the sole purpose of entertainment, would one day fetch him nearly 10 million subscribers. And that isn’t all that sounds insane- Tom, aka ‘Syndicate’, his internet moniker, earns about $1 million per year for this full-time ‘gameplay’ gig! With fans flocking to his channel to get a slice of his commentary and his gaming skills, Tom’s enviable career is definitely reaching the stars! Quite obvious to mention, ‘Syndicate’ and his booming gaming career is not going to fade away soon. His authentic and unique content is what proves that statement over and over again!

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Just a school student with great dreams about making it big in the gaming world, 15-year-old Tom stumbled upon a friend recording his gaming skills and tricks on a game-capture device. Bowled over by this ingenious idea of recording and sharing the gameplay, Cassell then went about doing his due research. After conducting a study, Tom then decided to go about doing the same but with a slight twist, recording the game while commenting over it. This simple idea has now turned into a full-time job!

During the pilot years, Tom didn’t have the fancy gaming set-up that he has now. Hoarding his gaming room with the essentials bought with his pocket money, Cassel’s belief in his abilities is what helped him take the road less travelled. The lad who struggled to capture his screen by using a camera, from over a stacked pile of game CDs, and a skeptical father who questioned the credibility of his passion, Tom’s initial days did seem like a hazy road. But that wasn’t the end of it! Going on to share his ‘Call of Duty’ game videos to his new viewers, he found himself in the spotlight sooner than he imagined.

These days, it seems difficult for the youngster to walk into a store without being recognized as ‘Syndicate’ by his fans. His superior skills of incorporating subtle sarcasm and a heavy load of humor whilst playing the intense game would make anyone a fan of the talented youngster! With a whopping 9 million and counting subscribers, Tom’s gaming channel has now become a benchmark for all the up-and-coming gamers.

What Makes Tom Cassell So Special

There are only a handful of dreamers that make it to their goals without being succumbed to pessimistic remarks. And needless to say, Tom is one of them who didn’t let anyone erase his blueprints for his future.

Being a 23-year-old gamer, most of his content is ‘A’ rated, which makes him quite sad when 10-year old fans say how much they love his videos. He then went on to tell his young fans about being choosy about the kind of content they consume on ‘YouTube’. This goes on to show just how authentic and genuine this ‘YouTube’ fame is, and that there is more to him than just being popular.

Beyond Fame

Recently, Mr. Tom was invited to be a part of the ‘British Academy Games Awards’ judging panel.

Behind The Curtains

Tom Cassell was born in Manchester, UK on 23rd June 1993. Not much is known about his folks, but he has a sibling, a sister named Alice.

Due to his global fame as a gamer, Tom travels from U.K to LA, USA on a regular basis to connect with the gaming industry insiders, a community which has been growing by leaps and bounds. Apart from gaming, he is also known as a very entertaining vlogger, and makes his life more transparent to his fans by updating them on even the smallest events.


Before he got famous, Tom worked at ‘McDonald’s’ to earn his pocket money.

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Tom Cassell's FAQ

  • What is Tom Cassell birthday?

    Tom Cassell was born at 1993-06-23

  • Where is Tom Cassell's birth place?

    Tom Cassell was born in Manchester, England

  • What is Tom Cassell nationalities?

    Tom Cassell's nationalities is British

  • How tall is Tom Cassell?

    Tom Cassell's height is 210

  • What is Tom Cassell's sun sign?

    Tom Cassell is Cancer

  • How famous is Tom Cassell?

    Tom Cassell is famouse as YouTuber

  • What is Tom Cassell's facebook?

    Tom Cassell's facebook is

  • What is Tom Cassell's twitter?

    Tom Cassell's twitter is

  • What is Tom Cassell's youtube?

    Tom Cassell's youtube is

  • What is Tom Cassell's instagram?

    Tom Cassell's instagram is