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Stand-up comedians are the professional performers who tell jokes and perform comical acts in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to them. These comedians usually recite humorous stories, jokes and one-liners to the audience, pausing in between for a few seconds to allow for audience reaction. Stand-up comedy is very popular in comedy clubs, bars, colleges and theaters, and the comedians may use props, music, and magic tricks to make their routines more interesting. Being a stand-up comedian is a high pressure job as the comedians are expected to keep the audience laughing steadily throughout the performance. Eric and Ernie, a British comic double act who worked in variety, radio, film and television were considered "the most illustrious, and the best-loved, double-act that Britain has ever produced". Peter Sellers and Tommy Cooper followed in their footsteps to establish themselves as hilarious stand-ups who were much loved by the audiences. Their American counterparts like Jackie "Moms" Mabley and Jack Benny touched the heights of popularity with their excellent comic timing and delivery of jokes. Chris Rock, Joe Rogan, and David Cross are popular stand-up comedians of the contemporary time. This section provides you information about the life and works of various Stand-up comedians from all over the world.

The Most Famous Stand-up Comedians

Deshae FrostJanuary 9, 2001AmericanDeshae Frost is an American stand-up comedian and actor
Jack DeeSeptember 24, 1961BritishJack Dee is an English stand-up comedian, actor and writer
Rowan AtkinsonJanuary 6, 1955BritishRowan Atkinson is an English actor and screenwriter, famous for his work in ‘Mr
Dylan MoranNovember 3, 1971IrishDylan Moran is a stand-up comedian and actor best known for his observational comedy
Brian QuinnMarch 14, 1976AmericanBrian Quinn (Q) is an American comedian
Bill HaderJune 7, 1978AmericanBill Hader is an American actor, voice actor, comedian, producer, and writer
Aisling BeaMarch 16, 1984IrishAisling Bea is an Irish actress, writer, and stand-up comedian
Vice GandaMarch 31, 1976FilipinosVice Ganda, is a Filipino multifaceted personality, excelling as a standup comedian, actor, TV presenter, recording artist and writer
Jerry SeinfeldApril 29, 1954AmericanJerry Seinfeld is an American stand-up comedian, producer and author
Michael BlacksonNovember 28, 1972Ghanaian, AmericanMichael Blackson is an Ghanian-American actor and stand-up comedian
Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze

Freddie Prinze was a famous American stand-up comedian and actor

AmericanJune 22, 1954200 views

Carrot Top

Carrot Top is one of the best known American stand-up comedians

AmericanFebruary 25, 1965109 views

Jonathan Winters

Jonathan Winters was a popular American comedian and actor

John Leguizamo

John Leguizamo is an American actor, stand-up comedian, and film producer

ColombianJuly 22, 1964174 views

Deshae Frost

Deshae Frost is an American stand-up comedian and actor

AmericanJanuary 9, 20011,333 views

Faizon Love

Faizon Love is a Cuban-born American actor and comedian

CubanJune 14, 1968223 views

Hal Sparks

Hal Sparks is an American actor, musician, stand-up comedian, and political commentator

AmericanSeptember 25, 1969170 views

Trixie Mattel

Trixie Mattel is a popular drag queen, comedian, singer, and actor from the United States

AmericanAugust 23, 1989156 views

David So

David So is an actor, musician, writer, producer, and social media celebrity best known for his comedy acts

AmericanMarch 30, 1988152 views

Tim Vine

Tim Vine is an English stand-up comedian and author

BritishMarch 4, 1967134 views