Tucked away somewhere in central Europe, the small, sleepy country of Slovakia is not one place that will casually pop up in your chai-time discussions or feature in your must-visit list unless a kith or kin recommends it to you. But dive into the pulsating biographies of famous Slovaks and you will start looking at this European country with renewed interest. That is right! Slovakia is more than the dramatic fortresses and craggy mountains that you would normally associate it with. Delve deep into its gene pool and you would find its St. Apostle Altar (which is, by the way, the highest gothic altar in the world!) infinitesimal before its rich human resources. From supermodels to hockey players and from kings to explorers, the land has sheltered some exceptional people who have bought great glories to their homeland. Read all about the famous Slovaks in the biographies and learn lesser-known facts and trivia about their lives from the timeline captured.

Find out more about the greatest Slovaks, including Peter Sagan, Adriana Karembeu, Gustáv Husák, Kyla Cole and Milan Rastislav Štefánik.