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Shona Vertue's Personal Details

Shona Vertue is an Australian Yoga teacher, fitness expert, personal trainer

BirthdayJuly 17, 1984
FamousPersonal Trainer, Yoga Teacher, Social Media Stars
Birth PlaceSydney, Australia
Sun SignCancer
Born inSydney, Australia
Famous asPersonal Trainer, Yoga Teacher

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Who is Shona Vertue?

Shona Vertue is an Australian Yoga teacher, fitness expert, personal trainer and the creator of the Vertue Method e-book and online training program. Shona is qualified in Dry Needling, Facial Stretch Therapy and Chinese Massage from the ‘Stretch to Win institute’ which has helped her have a holistic and eclectic approach to educating her clientele. Her aim and purpose in life is to spread the message that the secret to a healthy life lies in one’s commitment to one’s own self- worth and self-love. Shona Vertue is an ambassador of the ‘New Balance’ company, an American multinational corporation which is the world’s largest manufacturer of athletic footwear and sports accessories. She has trained celebrities like David Beckham Her innovative ‘Vertue Method’ training program includes a three-in-one technique incorporating yoga to aid in flexibility and stretching of muscles, a blend of resistance training with weights for strength building and seeking a positive inclination and consciousness towards exercise. Her fitness program also includes healthy, nutritious and tasty recipes to help one remain in perfect shape.

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Rise to Stardom

Shona Vertue initially started to learn gymnastics when she was just 5 and it was just a class of jumping jelly beans. Later on she started her training as an Elite Gymnast in Sydney at the age of 9. She used to train for 20 hours in a week to build agility and intense hardcore skills. Shona also practiced Ballet and classical dancing along with her gymnastics training. After ten years of dancing and gymnastics training, she decided to quit from it all as she felt drained out. She had to deal with continuous pressure to perform in both ballet and gymnastics that involved two different forms of movement; it took a toll on her and she stopped to enjoy them.

Then, she started to work in an office but that too lasted for a brief period. After a few months in office, she found her body to be weak, stiff and tired. She understood that the injuries that she sustained from her Gymnastic and Ballet training sessions were the cause for all the bouts of chronic pain she was facing. Shona thus, began making inquires of methods that would help her overcome this. This is how she found out about Yoga and instantly grew a fascination towards it and started practising it in 2008. She felt that Yoga allowed her to move with the same agility and fluidity as she had done in Ballet dancing and also gave her strength and focus just like her Gymnastic trainings. Shona while pursuing her Yoga training got the insight that the well-being of one’s heart and mind is imperative to achieve physical health. She feels that Yoga gave her mental and emotional strength and that it is more than just a physical practice.

At present, Shona Vertue is a professional Yoga teacher and a personal trainer with more than ten years of expertise in the fitness industry. She has given Yoga sessions in independent studios in Sydney, Australia and also co-facilitated with other trainers for health retreats in countries like Taiwan, Samona and Thailand. Shona was asked by the London Gatwick Airport in 2015 to help in creating a pre-flight yoga routine which would help the passengers to relax before take-off.

She is famous for creating the online training program 'The Vertue Method’ which is an amalgamation of gymnastics, yoga, meditation and weight circuit training. In this program she has incorporated all her experiences as a yoga teacher, personal trainer and gymnast to create a healthy exercise and training session aiming at overall health. Her training program includes warm up sessions for full body movement followed by glute activation and compound exercises using resistance bands and kettle bells and finally intimed circuits all to create a lean and strong body. The program also includes yoga sequences ending with ‘savasana’ and meditation.

Shona Vertue has featured as poster girl for ‘THE NUMINOUS’ Chakra and Vinyasa sweatshirt collection.

She is quite active on social media and has over 101K followers in her Instagram account.

Behind the Curtains

Shona Vertue was born on 7th July, 1984 in Sydney, Australia. Later, she moved to England in 2014. She has not disclosed much about her personal life. Her personal mantra is ‘Grateful for what is and eager for what is coming’. She has said in the Fit Fix section of HUFFPOST that the quote ‘Nature does not hurry, and yet everything is accomplished’ by Taoist master Lao Tzu keeps her motivated in pursuing a fit mind and body.

TRICEPS || I've been asked to write a lot of articles recently about 'toning' the arms for summer so that they are 'long and lean' for short sleeves. I want to start by saying, that summer and fewer clothes should not be the only thing motivating you to train your upper body (or train any of your body really). In fact, the best way to ensure your summer body is on par with your standards is to take care of it throughout the year, The ONLY way to stay motivated throughout the year is to focus on goals that are based around increasing some kind of physical skill because when it's cold and rainy it's the achievement of something skilful that drives you out of bed in the morning. A push up is a great exercise to nail because not only will it 'sculpt' the arms but you will also develop shoulder and core stability too. I personally love a tricep push up with the hands a little closer together (of course all variations are important but this one will especially bring out the tricep). The biggest issue with push ups usually is maintaining a stable core, while having the strength to bend the arms. The lowering phase is a good one to train because it will eventually help you to own to pushing phase like a boss. Here I've given you three variations in each of them I am lowering slowly to the floor but you'll notice I push up very differently. Try not to let the hips touch the floor before your boobies, or if you can, don't let the hips touch the floor at all. Keep the elbows close to the sides of the body to really burn that tricep. Perform 3-4 sets of 10-12 repetitions - remember the key here is to lower down for 3 seconds so that it's harder on the lowering phase. The order is easy, medium and hard - try the variations and let me know how you go. #vertueliving #vertuemethod strengthen your #pushupgame

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Shona Vertue's FAQ

  • What is Shona Vertue birthday?

    Shona Vertue was born at 1984-07-17

  • Where is Shona Vertue's birth place?

    Shona Vertue was born in Sydney, Australia

  • What is Shona Vertue nationalities?

    Shona Vertue's nationalities is Australian

  • What is Shona Vertue's sun sign?

    Shona Vertue is Cancer

  • How famous is Shona Vertue?

    Shona Vertue is famouse as Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher

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