Rock singers are part of Rock music which is also known as ‘rock and roll’. Originating in America and Europe, the style of this music was heavily inspired from African American music composers like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. The major focus of these compositions was the inclusion of guitar and drums and heavy vocals. The earliest and most popular rock singer was Elvis Presley who brought rock and roll music into picture and garnered instant fame and adulation. He then paved the way for many successful rock singers like the Beatles and inspired musicians and singers worldwide. In all these years rock singers have evolved with their music styles and have branched out into many genres like hard rock, metal, psychedelic, folk rock, glam rock and many more. Whole generations of youngsters have been inspired by this form of music and rock singers have often used music to address several issues like wars, racism, homosexuality etc. Always regarded as the leaders of the ‘free’ generation, rock singers always have a story to tell and a legacy to inspire. Read more about famous rock singers and their biographies. Also learn interesting facts and trivia about them from their life histories.