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Northwestern University or NU is a private research university based out of Evanston, Illinois. The university has branched out to touch more lives with its quality education, with its branches in Chicago, San Francisco and Doha. The university traces its foundation back to the mid 1800’s and has striven to attain its current position of having the tenth largest university endowment in the United States of America. Being on the sustainable side, Northwestern University was also listed as one of the top 10 universities in the country purchasing renewable power, as per the Green Power Partnership in 2009. The university offers way over 2100 bachelor’s degrees, 3000 master’s degrees, 500 doctoral degrees and 400 professional degrees in several areas of study. Selection process and admissions are characterized as “most selective” as per the U.S. News & World Report, with an elite group of handpicked students who make the cut every year. With the student body comprising of 21,000 students from over 100 countries, the university is a mix of diverse cultures, which perfectly blend to provide an ideal learning environment. The notable board of faculty includes an esteemed list of individuals who have gone to accomplish great things in their areas of study. Some of its prominent alumni include David Schwimmer, Stephen Colbert, Julia-Louis-Dreyfus, Saul Bellow and so on. Presenting to you, a detailed list of outstanding achievers born out of Northwestern University.

Check out the list of notable Northwestern University alumni. Some of the notable Northwestern University students are Hugh Hefner, Stephen Colbert, Zooey Deschanel, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Warren Beatty.

The Most Famous Alumni of Northwestern University

David SchwimmerNovember 2, 1966AmericanDavid Shwimmer is an American actor who is best known for his portrayal of ‘Ross Geller’ in the famous American sitcom ‘Friends.’ This biography profiles his childhood, family, personal life, career, etc.
Dermot MulroneyOctober 31, 1963AmericanDermot Mulroney is an American actor who is best known for his roles in romantic comedy films
Cindy CrawfordFebruary 20, 1966AmericanCindy Crawford is an American supermodel and actor
Cheddi JaganMarch 22, 1918GuyaneseCheddi Jagan was a former president of Guyana.This biography gives detailed information about his childhood, life, works and timeline.
Stephen ColbertMay 13, 1964AmericanStephen Colbert is an American comedian and satirist
Robert HanssenApril 18, 1944AmericanRobert Philip Hanssen is a former ‘Federal Bureau of Investigation’ (FBI) agent, who became infamous as a notorious double agent of the intelligence services of Soviet Union and later Russia.
Saul BellowJune 10, 1915AmericanSaul Bellow was a celebrated Canadian-born American writer and novelist
Jerry SpringerFebruary 13, 1944AmericanJerry Springer is a former English-American Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, actor, news anchor, musician and best known for his talk show ‘The Jerry Springer Show’.
Hugh HefnerApril 9, 1926AmericanHugh Hefner was an American adult magazine publisher best known for being the founder of Playboy Enterprises
George Joseph StiglerJanuary 17, 1911AmericanGeorge Stigler was one of the most influential economists of the 20th century
Paul Lynde

Paul Lynde

Paul Lynde was a lovable actor and standup comedian best known for his appearance in the game show, “Hollywood Squares’

AmericanJune 13, 1926198 views

Charles Horace Mayo

Charles Horace Mayo was a renowned medical practitioner and was one of the founder members of the ‘Mayo Clinic’

AmericanJuly 19, 1865148 views

Allan Carr

Allan Carr is an award winning producer of noted movies such as ‘Grease’ and various Broadway musicals

AmericanMay 27, 1937121 views

Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is an American actress and singer who starred in the famous film ‘(500) Days of Summer’

AmericanJanuary 17, 1980122 views

Noah Wyle

Noah Wyle is an American actor known for his work in films, TV, and theatre

AmericanJune 4, 1971162 views

Virginia Satir

Virginia Satir was a famous psychotherapist and American author

AmericanJune 26, 1916160 views

Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer is a former English-American Democratic mayor of Cincinnati, actor, news anchor, musician and best known for his talk show ‘The Jerry Springer Show’.

AmericanFebruary 13, 1944220 views

Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is an American supermodel and actor

AmericanFebruary 20, 1966282 views

Claude Akins

Claude Akins was a popular American character actor

AmericanMay 25, 1926190 views