Peace is something the whole world has been craving for, since time immemorial, be it between nations or individuals belonging to a family. The world has witnessed several man-made catastrophes over the past two centuries, in the form of wars, shootouts, mass suicides, terrorist attacks and many other unfortunate incidents. In these turbulent times, when the growing tensions between many countries are giving rise to speculations such as the possibility of World War III, a few individuals are trying hard to promote peace. The Nobel Peace Prize is an initiative aimed at appreciating their efforts. Activist Martin Luther King Jr, writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Mother Teresa and Rudyard Kipling are a few Nobel Peace Prize winners. Mother Teresa founded the ‘Missionaries of Charity’ several decades ago. Based in India, this NGO has been responsible for the rescue and rehabilitation of hundreds of orphaned children. Martin Luther King Jr has fought tooth and nail against the oppression of the blacks and he still continues to be a hero.

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Rudyard Kipling and Mother Teresa are a few Nobel Peace Prize winners.