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Apart from its great reputation, the fact that it is situated in one of the world’s best cities, makes ‘New York University’ a favorite among students from all over the world. Popular magazines like ‘U.S News & World Report’ and ‘Times Higher Education’ have rated ‘New York University’ as one among the 35 top educational institutions in the world. Apart from two additional campuses at Shanghai and Abu Dhabi, several academic centers of the University are situated in cities like Madrid, Buenos Aires, Washington D.C and London. Many graduates of New York University have bagged the prestigious Pulitzer Prize, Nobel Prize and even Academy Award honors. Of course, the university is known for imparting education of impeccable quality, but there’s another reason why NYU is popular – its notable alumni. Some of the students who spent their academic years at ‘New York University’ are legendary filmmakers Martin Scorsese and Woody Allen, Hollywood actresses Angelina Jolie and Anna Hathaway as well as pop icon Lady Gaga. Martin Scorsese is undoubtedly one of the greatest icons of cinema who has produced outstanding movies like ‘Taxi Driver’, ‘Departed’, ‘The Aviator’ and ‘Wolf Of Wall Street’. Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie has not just impressed the masses with her acting skills, but has also been praised for being socially responsible. Lady Gaga is the current poster girl of world music and has joined the league of several yesteryear greats like Michael Jackson and Madonna. Here’s a compilation consisting of the names of several noteworthy celebrities who have made New York University quite proud.

Check out the list of notable New York University (NYU) alumni. Some of the notable New York University students are Elizabeth Olsen, Lady Gaga, Angelina Jolie, Anne Hathaway and Adam Sandler.

The Most Famous Alumni of New York University

Sean HannityDecember 30, 1961AmericanSean Hannity is a television host and political commentator best known for the talk show ‘The Sean Hannity Show’
Morgan FreemanJune 1, 1937AmericanMorgan Freeman is an Academy Award winning actor known for his work in movies like ‘Street Smart’, ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ and ‘Million Dollar Baby’
Thomas GirardiJune 3, 1939AmericanThomas Girardi is an American attorney who co-founded the law firm, Girardi & Keese
Marin HinkleMarch 23, 1966AmericanMarin Hinkle is an actress known for her role in the sitcom ‘Two and a Half Men.’
Lucy LiuDecember 2, 1968AmericanLucy Alexis Liu is an American actress, model and an occasional film producer
Jack LordDecember 30, 1920AmericanJack Lord is an American artist, actor and philanthropist famous for his role in ‘Hawaii Five-O’ as Detective Steve McGarrett
Matthew Gray GublerMarch 9, 1980AmericanMatthew Gray Gubler is a popular American actor, director, painter and model
Lady GagaMarch 28, 1986AmericanLady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) is a popular world pop icon, known for songs like ‘Poker Face’
Sidney PoitierFebruary 20, 1927AmericanSidney Poitier is an actor, director and diplomat who was the first black person to win an Academy Award for Best Actor
Brizzy VoicesSeptember 13, 1991AmericanBrizzy Voices is a YouTuber who does funny impressions of animation characters
Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo

Frank Grillo is an Italian American actor popularly known for his roles in movies like ‘Warrior’ and ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

AmericanJune 8, 1965427 views

Aziz Ansari

Aziz Ansari is an award winning American actor, comedian, and film producer

AmericanFebruary 23, 1983139 views

Woody Allen

An American screenwriter, director, actor & musician, Woody Allen’s career spans across five decades

Robert Mueller

Robert Mueller is an American attorney and the former Director of FBI

AmericanAugust 7, 1944121 views

Bryce Dallas Howard

Bryce Dallas Howard is a famous American film actress, writer and director

AmericanMarch 2, 198196 views

Christina Hoff Sommers

Christina Hoff Sommers is an American philosopher, writer and social personality

Kathryn Erbe

Kathryn Erbe is an American actress famous for her role in the HBO series ‘Oz’

AmericanJuly 2, 1966267 views

Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci is an actor, filmmaker, screenwriter, and author from America

AmericanNovember 11, 1960312 views

Peter Facinelli

Peter Facinelli is an American actor, best known for his role in the TV series ‘Fastlane.’

AmericanNovember 26, 1973136 views

Dylan Sprouse

Dylan Sprouse is a popular American actor

AmericanAugust 4, 1992112 views