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The Most Famous Scottish

David MoyesApril 25, 1963ScottishDavid Moyes is a Scottish professional football coach and former player
Susan BoyleApril 1, 1961ScottishSusan Boyle is a Scottish singer
LJ CleaveFebruary 14, 1994ScottishLJ Cleave is an internet personality, best known for her lip-sync videos, which she posts on her musical.ly account
William Wallace1270ScottishWilliam Wallace was a Scottish knight who was a central figure in the Wars of Scottish Independence
Sara MacDonaldOctober 22, 1971ScottishSara MacDonald is a Scottish publicist who is married to Oasis rock star Noel Gallagher
Sheena EastonApril 27, 1959ScottishSheena Easton is a singer best known for her single ‘Modern Girl.’
Sean ConneryAugust 25, 1930ScottishSean Connery is a Scottish actor, best known for portraying the iconic role of the spy, ‘James Bond’ in movies
John MuirApril 21, 1838ScottishJohn Muir was a famous American naturalist, author and an advocate of wildlife preservation
Connor BallMarch 15, 1996ScottishConnor Ball is an Scottish bassist and a member of the band 'The Vamps'
Gordon RamsayNovember 8, 1966ScottishGordon Ramsay is a British celebrity chef
Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris

Calvin Harris (Adam Richard Wiles) is a Scottish singer, songwriter, DJ and record producer

ScottishJanuary 17, 1984268 views

David Hume

David Hume was a Scottish philosopher, essayist and historian, known for his radical philosophical scepticism and empiricism

ScottishApril 26, 1711312 views

David Byrne

David Byrne is an Academy Award winning musician who founded the new wave band Talking Heads

ScottishMay 14, 1952263 views

Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton is a singer best known for her single ‘Modern Girl.’

ScottishApril 27, 1959402 views