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The Most Famous Chinese

Yao MingSeptember 12, 1980ChineseYao Ming is a retired Chinese basketball player who played for Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)
Deng LunOctober 21, 1992ChineseDeng Lun is a Chinese actor best known for his performance in the TV series 'White Deer Plain'
Xi MingzeJune 27, 1992ChineseXi Mingze is the daughter of Chinese Leader Xi Jinping,
Dylan WangDecember 20, 1998ChineseDylan Wang is a Chinese actor and model
Hu Yi TianDecember 26, 1993ChineseHu Yitian is a Chinese model, actor and musician who has recently risen to fame as a rom-com star in Chinese television series
Robert Charles ChienChineseRobert Charles Chien is an entrepreneur who is married to actress Lea Salonga
Vin ZhangJanuary 19, 1993ChineseVin Zhang, also known as Zhang Vin or Zhang Bin Bin, is a Chinese actor and singer
Jackson WangMarch 28, 1994ChineseJackson Wang is a Hong Kong-South Korean rapper, singer, and dancer
Tiffany TangDecember 6, 1983ChineseTang Yan, more famous by her English name Tiffany Tang, is an accomplished Chinese actress
Lao Tzu (Laozi)601 BCChineseLao Tzu was a legendary Chinese philosopher who wrote the important “Daodejing”
Li Na

Li Na

Li Na is a Chinese former professional tennis player who won two Grand Slam singles titles

ChineseFebruary 26, 1982191 views

Akong Rinpoche

Akong Rinpoche was a Tibetan tulku of the ‘Karma Kagyu’ lineage, who played a vital role in establishing Tibetan Buddhism worldwide

ChineseDecember 25, 1939115 views

Xi Jinping

Xi Jinping is the current President of the world’s populous republic nation

ChineseJune 15, 1953124 views

Franklin Chang Díaz

Franklin Chang-Diaz is an American-Costa Rican physicist and former NASA astronaut

ChineseApril 5, 1950353 views

Yip Man

The famous martial arts trainer is known for establishing the first Wing Chun training school and teaching the likes of Bruce Lee

ChineseOctober 1, 1893384 views

Mao Zedong

Mao Zedong was a Chinese leader who led the Communist Party of China to victory against the Kuomintang in the Chinese Civil War.

ChineseDecember 26, 1893227 views

Lin Dan

Lin Dan is a Chinese badminton player considered to be one of the greatest singles players of all time

ChineseOctober 14, 1983155 views

Ruth Graham

Ruth Graham was an American philanthropist, poet, author and painter

ChineseJune 10, 1920111 views

Yao Ming

Yao Ming is a retired Chinese basketball player who played for Chinese Basketball Association (CBA)

ChineseSeptember 12, 19803,246 views

Dylan Wang

Dylan Wang is a Chinese actor and model

ChineseDecember 20, 19981,251 views