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Michael Stevens's Personal Details

Check out all that you wanted to know about Michael Stevens, the famous YouTuber & educator; his birthday, his family and personal life, his girlfriends, fun trivia facts and more.

BirthdayJanuary 23, 1986
FamousComedians, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Educators, Entertainers, Speaker, Youtube Star
SpousesMarnie Stevens (m. 2016)
SiblingsMelissa (sister)
  • Blue Valley High School
  • University of Chicago
Birth PlaceKansas
Net Worth$2.8 million
Sun SignAquarius
Born inKansas
Famous asYouTube Star, Educator, Comedian, Speaker, and Entertainer

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Who is Michael Stevens?

Michael Stevens is a famous American speaker, educator, entertainer, comedian, editor and internet personality. He is known for his popular educational channel, Vsauce, which gives answers to many curious questions with its interesting videos that deal with thought-provoking ideas and theories.Stevens is popular among the masses for his TED talks and videos online, which are among the top rated videos by the online users. One of the geniuses of the digital world, Michael Stevens, is also a lover of arts, science, philosophy, language, history and everything else that is interesting. In 2017, he had held an educational stage tour named Brain Candy Live along with Adam Savage (a TV personality, actor and educator), which entertained the public with its interesting demonstrations and other interactive methods to answer several interesting questions. Michael Stevens is also a recipient of several awards, namely, Webby Awards and Streamy Awards, for the categories ‘Education’ and ‘Editing’.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Michael Stevens started his career in 2007 as a YouTube video editor and caught the eye of Ben Relles (Head of Comedy at YouTube) with his videos that went viral on YouTube. He was soon invited to join an online comedy group named ‘Barely Political’, where he showcased his talent with top comedians like Mark Douglas, Amber Lee Ettinger, Andrea Feczko and Todd Womack. In 2010, Stevens launched his own YouTube channel, Vsauce, which had videos that were mostly focused on video gaming. He kept releasing game-related videos until he got popular with his educational series, DOT, which also became the focus of his YouTube channel, Vsauce. His educational videos involve scientific concepts, theories, ideas and discussions. Stevens has also won several awards for Vsauce, such as the ‘People’s Voice for Science & Education’ and ‘People’s Voice for News & Information’.

He has partnered with YouTube Red to create and host the show ‘Mind Field’, which, deals with different attributes of human behaviour. He has also visited forty cities in the United States with a TV personality Adam Savage, to present their science-based stage show ‘Brain Candy Live’. The show was a great success among the public, as it engaged and entertained the audience with interactive sessions and interesting demonstrations.

What Makes Michael Stevens Special

The topics Michael Stevens chooses for his Vsauce videos make him unique from the other YouTubers. Unlike most of the YouTube channels, Vsause deals with intense scientific theories and real-world concepts that give answers to several questions that laymen find interesting. Some of Stevens’ unique videos include ‘How much money is there in the world?’, ‘What is the resolution of the eye?’ and ‘What if the Earth stopped spinning?’.

Behind The Curtains

Michael Stevens was born in Kansas on January 23, 1986. His father was a chemical engineer and his mother worked as a teaching assistant. He developed his comical nature at a very young age. Interestingly, his father used to call him a polymath – a person who knew a lot about a lot. Stevens moved to London in and after his marriage to Marnie, in 2016, he moved back to America. Currently, he resides in Los Angeles. Michael Stevens has dual Bachelor’s degrees in Neuropsychology and English Literature. He is a great Wikipedia fan and claims Wiki to be one of the most reliable online sources of authentic information compared to other educational websites.

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Michael Stevens's awards



0Shorty Award for Best in Science

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Michael Stevens's FAQ

  • What is Michael Stevens birthday?

    Michael Stevens was born at 1986-01-23

  • Where is Michael Stevens's birth place?

    Michael Stevens was born in Kansas

  • What is Michael Stevens nationalities?

    Michael Stevens's nationalities is American

  • Who is Michael Stevens spouses?

    Michael Stevens's spouses is Marnie Stevens (m. 2016)

  • Who is Michael Stevens siblings?

    Michael Stevens's siblings is Melissa (sister)

  • What was Michael Stevens universities?

    Michael Stevens studied at Blue Valley High School, University of Chicago

  • What is Michael Stevens's sun sign?

    Michael Stevens is Aquarius

  • How famous is Michael Stevens?

    Michael Stevens is famouse as YouTube Star, Educator, Comedian, Speaker, and Entertainer

  • What is Michael Stevens's facebook?

    Michael Stevens's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/ViralVideo

  • What is Michael Stevens's twitter?

    Michael Stevens's twitter is https://twitter.com/tweetsauce/

  • What is Michael Stevens's youtube?

    Michael Stevens's youtube is https://www.youtube.com/user/Vsauce