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Situated in the New England region of the northeastern United States of America is the state of Maine. What was once a land exclusively for indigenous people saw and enjoyed diversity after the European arrival. With Augusta as its capital and Portland as its largest city, Maine is popularly referred to as ‘The Pine Tree State’ and even ‘Vacationland’. The state mostly enjoys a continental climate and is renowned for its coastal food which primarily includes lobsters and clams. Many notable people born in Maine have made it tremendously big in various walks of life such as cinema, music, sports, and politics and so on. Established and renowned actors such as the beautifully hilarious Anna Kendrick, the heartthrob Patrick Dempsey, the diva Linda Lavin, Katie Aselton, Judd Nelson and so many more actors hail from this state. The incredible best-selling author Stephen King, who was responsible for creating so many critically acclaimed books and movies, was also born and raised in the state. We are quite certain that you will be speechless by the complete-list of celebrities who are from Maine.

Anna Kendrick, Erin Andrews, Patrick Dempsey, Nelson Rockefeller & Judd Nelson are some of the celebrities who hail from Maine.

The Most Famous People From Maine

Andrew TaggartDecember 31, 1989AmericanAndrew Taggart is an American DJ who gained fame as one half of the famous DJ duo ‘The Chainsmokers,’ alongside Alex Pall
Patrick DempseyJanuary 13, 1966AmericanPatrick Dempsey is a famous film and television actor
CrankGameplaysOctober 24, 1996AmericanCrankGameplays is an American YouTuber and vlogger
Anna KendrickAugust 9, 1985AmericanAnna Kendrick is a popular American actress
Ellen G WhiteNovember 26, 1827AmericanEllen G
Lizzy HofeApril 30, 1993AmericanLizzy Hofe is an American singer, songwriter and voice actress
Judd NelsonNovember 28, 1959AmericanA talented actor, Judd Nelson has made a career out of playing the bad boys and anti-heroes
Dorothea DixApril 4, 1802AmericanDorothea Dix was an American social reformer who worked for the betterment of the life of the insane
John FordFebruary 1, 1894AmericanJohn Ford was an award-winning Irish-American filmmaker
Kate SnowMay 10, 1969AmericanKate Snow is a well-known American TV journalist
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was the most famous American poet of his times

AmericanFebruary 27, 1807110 views