Famous people born in 1802

    Charles Pelham Villiers

    Charles Pelham Villiers

    Charles Pelham Villiers was a British politician who hold the record for being the longest serving MP in British Parliament

    BritishJanuary 3, 180296 views

    Alexandre Dumas

    Alexandre Dumas was a writer of adventure novels best known for his work ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’

    FrenchJuly 24, 1802114 views

    Niels Henrik Abel

    Niels Henrik Abel was a Norwegian mathematician who discovered the Abelian functions, named after him

    NorwegianAugust 5, 1802117 views

    Ignacy Domeyko

    Ignacy Domeyko was a scientist and educator of international repute, renowned for his contribution to the field of geology and mining

    PolishJuly 31, 1802114 views

    Dorothea Dix

    Dorothea Dix was an American social reformer who worked for the betterment of the life of the insane

    AmericanApril 4, 1802150 views

    Gideon Welles

    Gideon Welles was the Secretary of Navy of America

    AmericanJuly 1, 1802104 views

    John Ella

    John Ella was a famous British violinist and director of concerts who is known for bringing chamber music on the musical scene of 19th century Britain

    BritishDecember 19, 1802119 views

    Victor Hugo

    Victor Hugo was a French poet, novelist and a leading figure of the Romantic Movement in France

    FrenchFebruary 26, 1802156 views