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Mahogany Lox's Personal Details

Mahogany Lox (Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy) is a famous American social media celebrity

BirthdayOctober 5, 1994
FamousVine Star, Actors, Social Media Stars, Viners, YouTubers, DJs, Singers
SiblingsSky Blu (Skyler Austen Gordy)
Known asMahogany Cheyenne Gordy
Birth PlaceMichigan
FatherBerry Gordy IV
MotherValerie Robeson
Sun SignLibra
Born inMichigan
Famous asDJ, Singer, Actor, Vine star

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Who is Mahogany Lox?

Mahogany Lox belongs to the illustrious Gordy Family. They are an African-American family comprising of famous music executives. Mahogany’s grandparents were Berry Gordy and Bertha Fuller Gordy. Mahogany’s father was their seventh child and he was raised in Detroit. Her brother, Skyler Austen Gordy, known as Sky Blu is a dancer, rapper, singer, DJ and a record producer. He belongs to the musical group LMFAO, the other half of which is his uncle, Stefan Kendal Gordy.
Mahogany Lox belongs to the group of celebrities who are popularly referred to as “young Hollywood”. She belongs to the category of people who are famous by virtue of their presence in social media. She is one of the most popular stars of Vine as of now. Mahogany’s collection of songs at Vine made her quite famous with fans even before she produced her first single. Her twitter, Instagram and Twitter account have more than 1.5 million followers each. Her YouTube account has 485k subscribers! Mahogany can be described as nothing less than a “sensation” to her fans.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

In the year 2015, Mahogany toured 22 US cities with female band Fifth Harmony. This tour was known as the ‘Reflection Tour’ and the first show continued from 27 February to 27 March 2015. Fresh from her tour with the Fifth Harmony, Mahogany decided to showcase her singing talents in the music video ‘Boom.’

‘Boom’ was released as a single in the year 2015. It was a smash hit right upon release and it made her a known star all over the world.

There was no looking back for Mahogany Lox after ‘Boom’ was released on Popcrush (a website dedicated to fun and fresh pop music). The video was later released on YouTube and it has earned more than a whopping 1.2 million views so far. The video has some references to the 1980s pop culture and shows Mahogany waltzing around town on a pair of skateboards. According to Mahogany’s interview to Popcrush, she wanted to make a video which would be fun and which would make people smile. Not only did she accomplish that task successfully, she also became a famous pop star. Her rapper brother Sky Blu was the producer of ‘Boom.’

What Makes Mahogany So Special

The best thing about Mahogany Lox is that she seems like a person everybody can relate to. In spite of all the fame and all the hype around her, none of her social media accounts scream “spoiled celebrity”. They seem more like an honest representation of a young female who is truly enjoying her life. She is far away from those celebrities who use their social media accounts only to make others feel miserable. This, along with the fact that she is a “family” girl makes her so popular and lovable.

Beyond Fame

When Mahogany isn’t singing or dancing, she indulges herself in fashion designing and acting. She is also a sketch artist who loves to sketch original designs whenever she has some free time on her hands. She is an ardent follower of Betsey Johnson (American fashion designer) and loves to keep a tab on the fashion scene in Tokyo! She is often compared to Lele Pons, another young Vine star and her competitor. She had ousted Lele Pons to win the title of “Queen of Young Hollywood”, a competition organized by PopCrush in 2015.

Behind The Curtains

Her family played a very important role in making “Rhythm and Blues” genre of music famous all over the world. The credit for this is attributed to Mahogany’s father Berry Gordy Junior. He created a company known as Motown, which played a very important role as far as racial integration of songs is concerned.


She was named after the movie ’Mahogany’ directed by Berry Gordy, her grandfather

Mahogany Lox’s aunt, Anna Gordy was married to famous music star Marvin Gaye from 1963 to 1977.

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Mahogany Lox's FAQ

  • What is Mahogany Lox birthday?

    Mahogany Lox was born at 1994-10-05

  • Where is Mahogany Lox's birth place?

    Mahogany Lox was born in Michigan

  • What is Mahogany Lox nationalities?

    Mahogany Lox's nationalities is American

  • Who is Mahogany Lox siblings?

    Mahogany Lox's siblings is Sky Blu (Skyler Austen Gordy)

  • How tall is Mahogany Lox?

    Mahogany Lox's height is 170

  • Who is Mahogany Lox's father?

    Mahogany Lox's father is Berry Gordy IV

  • Who is Mahogany Lox's mother?

    Mahogany Lox's mother is Valerie Robeson

  • What is Mahogany Lox's sun sign?

    Mahogany Lox is Libra

  • How famous is Mahogany Lox?

    Mahogany Lox is famouse as DJ, Singer, Actor, Vine star

  • What is Mahogany Lox's facebook?

    Mahogany Lox's facebook is

  • What is Mahogany Lox's twitter?

    Mahogany Lox's twitter is

  • What is Mahogany Lox's youtube?

    Mahogany Lox's youtube is

  • What is Mahogany Lox's instagram?

    Mahogany Lox's instagram is