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King Bach is a popular American vlogger and internet personality

BirthdayJune 26, 1988
NationalityCanadian, American
FamousAnarchists, Film & Theater Personalities, Actors, Comedians, Internet Personality, Video Content Producer
Nick namesAndrew King Bachelor
SiblingsChristina Bachelor
Known asAndrew B. Bachelor
  • Graduate in Business Management from Florida State University
Birth PlaceToronto
Born CountryCanada
Net Worth$2 million
Sun SignCancer
Born inToronto
Famous asActor, Comedian, Video Content Producer, Internet Personality

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Who is King Bach?

Andrew Bachelor, known by his onscreen name ‘King Bach’ is a Vine royalty, famous for his peculiar 6-second comedy sketches that earned him over 16 million followers on Vine. With the inclusion of special cameos by Justin Bieber, Keke and Tyga in some of his videos, he’d sent the message loud and clear that ‘He takes his newfound profession very seriously’. Other than being a Vine personality, Andrew also creates funny YouTube videos, commercials and has acted in different movies to create a loyal fan base of several millions in such a short time. Currently he has so many ongoing projects in hand that he has to turn down most requests for sponsored Vine videos!
Additionally, he’s active on his YouTube channel titled Bachelors Pad TV, where he already has more than a million subscribers. He creates his own sketch comedies and movie parodies with similar content as his other channels. Many online publications like FSU News contribute to his online video content.
We’ve seen him appearing in famous TV shows like ‘My Pyramid’ and ‘Burn Notice’. He frequently appears in “Wild ‘N’ Out” with Nick Cannon on MTV channel and Showtime’s ‘House of Lies.’ When he’s free from social networks, he actively shoots for his film series. Currently, he’s filming for ‘Black Jesus’ a TV series for the Adult Swim Channel. Currently, he works in association with Ingrid Bachelor (CPA of Bachelor & Associates), Evan Silverberg at Underground and UTA.

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Meteoritic Rise to Stardom

In his initial days, Brittany Furlan ‘the Queen of Vine’ introduced Andrew to the Vine channel. He uploaded his first Vine Video on April 19, 2013. Ever since then he has been supplying consistent Vine videos, ranking first on the app with regards to the highest number of followers (that is 16.1 million) over 6 billion Vine loops.

He took the leadership of Vine in March 2015. In one of his interviews, he confessed that he had almost deleted his most popular Vine account once, but later changed his mind. It was a smart move since it helped him gain immense popularity on Vine. This stardom led him to singing with UTA. He later started appearing in TV serials, and his breakthrough performances came in ‘The Mindy Project’ and a spoof comedy titled ‘Fifty Shades of Black’. He made a guest host appearance in BET’s Punk’d and played a fictional role of himself in a 2015 movie titled ‘We Are Your Friends.’

What Makes King Bach So Special?

King Bach has a characteristic cool and charming personality of his own. Though he expresses an exuberant persona in his Vine videos, he otherwise has a calm demeanor. Comedy is his genre. He likes playing cartoon-like characters and uses his stage caricature that goes by ‘King Bach’ for his Vine videos, to form a connection with the public. His videos are highly entertaining and hilariously funny. Some of his notable moves include backflips and off-the-wall acrobatics.

The guy knows how to play his popular card. He has worked with Brittany Furlan and other notable personalities to gain more followers. Ever since Brittany helped him start his Vine career, they’ve been performing as a comic duo.

Being clever as he is, he was able to get to the essence of Vines by decoding the entire plot to his short, 6-seconds skit. It was a real funny move! Not only is he a great actor and comedian, but a generous philanthropist too. He collectively owns a foundation named ‘RuJohn’ with his sister Christina. This foundation helps and rescues poverty-stricken children residing in Jamaica and America by providing them with food, basic necessities, school supplies and educational fee. It also provides free meals and gifts to underprivileged families during festive season.

Beyond Fame

Andrew probably never would’ve thought that he would come such a long way! After successfully establishing a winning career online, he switched to acting to fulfill his desires. His love for action led him to set up his own production company where he could perform in, direct or produce his own short film. ‘Agent Steele’, the brainchild of Bach was featured in September 2011 on NBC’s Dateline.

He introduced the idea of creating a sketch comedy series to make his YouTube videos more entertaining. He had previously invited Lamore Morris, Robert Richard, Neil Brown Jr, Tamala Jones and many other celebrities as guest stars on his TV channel. He plans to expand it further, having a successful collaboration with Alphacat, DeStorm Power, Kain Carter, Comedy Shaq and Glozell, the eminent YouTubers. In the near future, we’ll be seeing more of this guy on television. He has started shooting for ‘The Mindy Project’ where he plays a doctor.

While Andrew owns a successful professional life, his personal life is moving at a slow pace. He is currently single with no stable relationships. He had earlier been with Liana Valenzuela, who’s a famous actress turned singer, dancer, model and a notable Vine personality. Their affair lasted for a very short time and they’ve separated from each other.

Behind the Curtains

Andrew belongs to a strict Caribbean Christian family. Both his parents are accountants of Jamaican descent. Though he was born in Toronto, his family moved to West Palm Beach in Florida when he was two years old.

He was a sharp and active kid at school, who completed his middle and high school from Coral Springs Charter School. After graduation, he joined Florida State University on sports scholarship. He pursued his college education in Business Management. At college, he was a high-jump star athlete and consistently ranked amongst the top 15 high jumpers in NCCA. His personal best includes a jump of 7 feet 2.5 inches.

During college, he joined the Phi Beta Sigma fraternity. Following this, he enrolled in a graduate program at New York Film Academy, to learn the basics of acting. Unfortunately, he had to drop out from college as he moved to Los Angeles in search of more options, but it was a wise decision, quite evident from his rising popularity.

In short, his life has been quite eventful from his college days. We love him for what he is!


King Bach is a sports enthusiast with great athletic skills. His love for sports got him a scholarship at Florida State University.

Bach is a multi-talented person, who loves to act, produce and direct. We’ve seen him in many motion pictures, commercials and short films.

He charges around $1,000 fee per 100,000 followers for a single sponsored video on Vine.

He owns a production company titled ‘Bach Enterprises’.

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King Bach's FAQ

  • What is King Bach birthday?

    King Bach was born at 1988-06-26

  • Where is King Bach's birth place?

    King Bach was born in Toronto

  • What is King Bach nationalities?

    King Bach's nationalities is Canadian, American

  • What is King Bach ideologies?

    King Bach's ideologies is Anarchists

  • What is King Bach nick names?

    King Bach's nickNames is Andrew King Bachelor

  • Who is King Bach siblings?

    King Bach's siblings is Christina Bachelor

  • What was King Bach universities?

    King Bach studied at Graduate in Business Management from Florida State University

  • How tall is King Bach?

    King Bach's height is 173

  • What is King Bach's sun sign?

    King Bach is Cancer

  • How famous is King Bach?

    King Bach is famouse as Actor, Comedian, Video Content Producer, Internet Personality

  • What is King Bach's facebook?

    King Bach's facebook is

  • What is King Bach's twitter?

    King Bach's twitter is

  • What is King Bach's youtube?

    King Bach's youtube is

  • What is King Bach's instagram?

    King Bach's instagram is