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Jacob Sartorius's Personal Details

Jacob Sartorius is an American comedian and internet personality

BirthdayOctober 2, 2002
FamousInternet Personality, Comedians, Social Media Stars, Singers
Nick namesRolf Jacob Sartorius
SiblingsCaroline Sartorius
Birth PlaceOklahoma, USA
Sun SignLibra
Born inOklahoma, USA
Famous asComedian, Singer, and Internet Personality

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Who is Jacob Sartorius?

Very few people in this world are gifted with multiple talents and the ability to attract a wide fan following on social media and other media channels. One such child prodigy who has become an internet sensation is Jacob Sartorius. He is gifted with a sweet voice and showed interest in music at a very early age. Looking at his interest, his adoptive parents gave him all the requisite encouragement to grow to be a successful artist. He started singing at the young age of seven. Apart from being a singer, Jacob also took some interest in cracks and became a child standup comedian. His performances in some local events in his hometown earned him good recognition as a gifted artist. Looking at his talent, some music companies signed him up. Some of his musicals became very famous among the children of his age and teenagers. But his fame made him a target of both online and offline bullying by his critics. Hence, he could not continue his career as an artist for some time.

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The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Despite his initial successful musicals, Jacob Sartorius did not become famous till he started to post his videos on social media channels. In the year 2014, when was just 11 years old, Jacob Sartorius posted his first Vine video. Due to his bad experiences with bullying, his first YouTube video was centered on anti-bullying theme. It became viral and made him a notable face on the social media. Later in the same year, Jacob Sartorius started posting his videos on Musical.ly. Most of the videos posted on Musical.ly were just lip syncing videos of other music artists. He soon became one of the biggest stars with a total of 11 million followers. His increased stardom has just increased his bullying at school. During the initial months of 2016, he admitted that he had to change his school three different times as he was unable to face verbal attacks, beatings, and teasing by his classmates. His fame continued to grow unabated with a total of 1 million followers on Twitter and 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. After getting famous on Vine and other social media channels, he decided to take the musical world by storm. He released his first music single ‘Sweatshirt’ in the year 2016 which became an instant hit soon after it was posted on YouTube. His third single ‘All My Friends’ was released on the eve of his 14th birthday. After the success of the third single YouTube video, he announced that he was planning to release more single videos in the future.

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What Makes Jacob So Special

One of the key reasons for the early success of Jacob Sartorius is that he has multiple talents. He can sing with a sweet voice and also do comedy shows that captivate the audience. His association with other Internet stars also added to his popularity. Some of the videos he did with his fellow Internet star, Cameraon Dallas (who is a rage on social media) has increased the fame of Jacob Sartorius.

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Beyond Fame

Since Jacob Sartorius is still very young, he has managed to stay away from major controversies so far. No known affairs related to him became public. However, a small controversy started during early 2016 saying that he was hiding the details of his girlfriend. The controversy started with the publication of a post on Wattpad, a story sharing website, claiming that one of his fans revealed the name of his girlfriend. According to the story, Jacob Sartorius was having an affair with a girl named Loren Gray. However, this news was neither accepted nor denied by Jacob or his family later.

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Behind The Curtains

Jacob Sartorius was given up for adoption when he was a baby as his biological parents were unable to raise him. His adoptive parents are very supportive and are also blessed with affluence. They supported him from the very beginning when he first started displaying his interest in music. It is only because of his family’s encouragement that Jacob has been successful in building an amazing career for himself at such a young age. His family also includes a sister called Caroline who is often featured in his videos.

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His first Vine video was static and was a message against bullying.

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Jacob Sartorius's FAQ

  • What is Jacob Sartorius birthday?

    Jacob Sartorius was born at 2002-10-02

  • Where is Jacob Sartorius's birth place?

    Jacob Sartorius was born in Oklahoma, USA

  • What is Jacob Sartorius nationalities?

    Jacob Sartorius's nationalities is American

  • What is Jacob Sartorius nick names?

    Jacob Sartorius's nickNames is Rolf Jacob Sartorius

  • Who is Jacob Sartorius siblings?

    Jacob Sartorius's siblings is Caroline Sartorius

  • What is Jacob Sartorius's sun sign?

    Jacob Sartorius is Libra

  • How famous is Jacob Sartorius?

    Jacob Sartorius is famouse as Comedian, Singer, and Internet Personality

  • What is Jacob Sartorius's twitter?

    Jacob Sartorius's twitter is https://twitter.com/jacobsartorius

  • What is Jacob Sartorius's instagram?

    Jacob Sartorius's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/jacobsartorius/