Journalists are the ones who seek and collect information from various sources and distribute it as news to a wider audience through means such as newspapers, radio, television or internet. The term journalist covers a wide category of professionals involved in the collection and presentation of information especially through publishing and broadcasting means. Journalism is a very demanding profession, especially in today’s fast-paced life. Journalists are known to work long and grueling hours, visit inhospitable places, and interact with unreceptive people in their quest to gather valuable information in the quickest possible manner. Journalists may work as reporters who research for information and write reports for the publications they work for. And there are photojournalists who convey their messages through photographs accompanied by a story or caption. There are some journalists who cover all types of stories, ranging from current affairs to global politics, while some others choose to specialize in a given category like sports or crime. This field also includes feature writers who write longer pieces to provide background to a popular news story and specialist writers who provide columns and commentary on topics such as food, traveling, relationships, entertainment, etc. Journalism is a dynamic field, ever evolving to include newer genres like alternative journalism, convergence journalism and new journalism. Read on to learn about the life and works of famous journalists from all over the world.