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Jacksepticeye's Personal Details

Seán William McLoughlin, aka jacksepticeye, is an Irish YouTube star, producer, game commentator, and social media personality

BirthdayFebruary 7, 1990
FamousInstagram Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers, Gamers, Game Commentator, Producer, Social Media Personality, Youtubers
SpousesJames Perkins, Ralph Williams
Known asSeán William McLoughlin
  • Hotel Management Degree
Birth PlaceAthlone, Ireland
Net Worth$10 million
Sun SignAquarius
Born inAthlone, Ireland
Famous asYouTuber, Producer, Game Commentator, Social Media Personality

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Who is Jacksepticeye?

If you are an online gaming freak and visit YouTube to keep a tab on the latest gaming videos uploaded, then you would surely know famous Irish Social Media Personality, game commentator and YouTube star “Jacksepticeye” who successfully runs a self-titled YouTube channel. This well-known YouTuber who likes to refer to himself as the last remaining Bossatronio from the planet Bossatron (Spore) is especially known for his comedic ‘Let's Play’ series on video games as also for the vlogs that he upload occasionally on YouTube. He garnered a huge fanbase following his win on a PewDiePie shout-out competition in 2013. He represents his channel ‘jacksepticeye’ along with his partner and mascot of the channel, the ‘Septic Eye’ or ‘Septic Sam’ a fictitious character in the form of a green eye with a blue iris and a tail that has been made hugely popular by fans of jacksepticeye. His channel on YouTube is at present the 36th most subscribed one on this video-sharing website with more than 5.4 billion views and more than 12 million subscribers. His popularity is not limited to YouTube which is evident from the fact that he has over 3.3 million followers on his Instagram account and over 2 million followers on his Twitter account.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

He created his YouTube account with the username of ‘jacksepticeye’ on February 24, 2007. His pseudonym ‘jacksepticeye’ that he chose to use as his YouTube username actually cropped up when his friends who called him Jack, a nickname given by his mother, began calling him jacksepticeye after he met with a severe accident in which he injured his eye which later became infected.

He served as a drummer in ‘Raised to the Ground’, an indie metalcore band for some time. Although he joined YouTube in 2007, it was only in 2012 that he began his career there by uploading a Solid Snake impression on November 12 that year. After a short while he started producing ‘Let’s Play’ video games of ‘Dark Souls’ and ‘Far Cry 3’. His channel started gaining immense popularity from September 2013 following its win on a PewDiePie shout-out competition. He mentions his favorite game to be ‘Shadow of the Colossus’ and the genre to be adventure. Among the several games series he does, episodes of specific series are slotted with a three to five days gap. Some of his well-known series are ‘SKATE 3’, ‘The Sims 4’, ‘The Escapists’, ‘Undertale’ and ‘Subnautica’ among others. YouTubers like Markiplier, LordMinion777, PewDiePie, and ChaoticMonki are his friends. YouTube personality pixlpit or Robin is his friend-cum-editor.

What Makes Jacksepticeye So Special

He has an uncanny quality of connecting with millions of his fans and viewers in a special way through his other series that does not fall in the genre of video games. These include ‘Reading Your Comments’ where he replies to comments, both supportive as well as harsh, received on Twitter, YouTube and Tumblr. Another such series is ‘Drawing Your Tweets’ where he obliges his fans by drawing things on a whiteboard that are usually suggested by them. He also shares and talks about his life and present events and occurrences related to his channel with his fans and viewers by uploading vlogs.

Behind The Curtains

He was born as Seán William McLoughlin on February 7, 1990, in Ireland as the youngest child of his parents, among two girls and three boys. Malcolm McLoughlin, one of his brothers, is a writer. He was raised in the countryside by his parents and thereafter he used to live in a wooden cabin alongside the residence of his parents. He later lived with a few of his friends for some time who happened to feature in a vlog once. At present he resides in an apartment in the town of Athlone, in County Westmeath, Ireland.

As for his educational background, he first attended college to study Music Technology but did not complete the course. Later he joined college again and earned a degree in Hotel Management. A games enthusiast he resorts to playing a wide variety of games ranging from AAA games to flash games. According to him, he is an agnostic atheist—he does not believe in God but is not in a position to refute the existence of God. He was in a relationship with Signe Hansen, a YouTube personality from Denmark who is popularly known as Wiishu or wwiishu on social media, but the couple broke up in October 2018

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Jacksepticeye's FAQ

  • What is Jacksepticeye birthday?

    Jacksepticeye was born at 1990-02-07

  • Where is Jacksepticeye's birth place?

    Jacksepticeye was born in Athlone, Ireland

  • What is Jacksepticeye nationalities?

    Jacksepticeye's nationalities is Irish

  • Who is Jacksepticeye spouses?

    Jacksepticeye's spouses is James Perkins, Ralph Williams

  • What was Jacksepticeye universities?

    Jacksepticeye studied at Hotel Management Degree

  • How tall is Jacksepticeye?

    Jacksepticeye's height is 175

  • What is Jacksepticeye's sun sign?

    Jacksepticeye is Aquarius

  • How famous is Jacksepticeye?

    Jacksepticeye is famouse as YouTuber, Producer, Game Commentator, Social Media Personality

  • What is Jacksepticeye's facebook?

    Jacksepticeye's facebook is https://www.facebook.com/officialjacksepticeye/

  • What is Jacksepticeye's twitter?

    Jacksepticeye's twitter is https://twitter.com/Jack_Septic_Eye

  • What is Jacksepticeye's instagram?

    Jacksepticeye's instagram is https://www.instagram.com/jacksepticeye/