Famous people with ISFJ - ISFJ Celebrities

ISFJs are adored by the masses for their kind and considerate persona- no wonder they are called the defenders. One of their biggest motives is to serve and protect, sometimes even to the point of sacrifice. They are the kind that finds absolute self-satisfaction serving behind the scenes without demanding recognition. ISFJ love the mundane routine way of life, and they are also known to possess excellent follow-through skills. Reining the introvert space, ISFJs are proud owners of rich inner lives, and are mostly quietly friendly, empathetic and gentle, making most of the decisions with their heart. ISFJs live out a structured and scheduled life and are driven when it comes to finishing tasks. ISFJs are receptive to new ideas and with their excellent analytical skills, they lead well-developed though reserved family and organisational life. ISFJs make compassionate listeners and not only do they enjoy hearing facts they also love to connect with people on a deeper level and typically remember vivid details about people. They aren’t the ones to indulge in plain conversations but often relate details from their own personal lives and in terms of everything that happened to them first-hand. Making 14% of the population, ISFJs can be found in job spheres like education, medical, and religious related occupations. There are many ISFJs that are on their way to make crashing waves in both social and media world. Famous people like Mother Teresa, Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian, and Prince Charles are all partakers in this personality trait. Keep reading and you might learn a tad more about other famous ISFJs!

These are the moguls known for their ISFJ trait who did their bit for making a difference in the world.

The Most Famous people with ISFJ

Kanye WestJune 8, 1977AmericanKanye West is an American hip-hop musician, rapper, lyricist, record producer, film director and fashion designer.
Gwyneth PaltrowSeptember 27, 1972AmericanGwyneth Paltrow is an American actress, singer, owner of a lifestyle company and author of cookbooks
Brian MayJuly 19, 1947BritishBrian May is a legendary and prolific guitarist from the famous rock band ‘Queen’
Kirsten DunstApril 30, 1982German, AmericanKirsten Dunst is a renowned American actress and model
Dr. DreFebruary 18, 1965AmericanDr Dre (Andre Romelle Young) is an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur
Robert E. LeeJanuary 19, 1807AmericanRobert E
Christopher WalkenMarch 31, 1943AmericanChristopher Walken is a renowned American actor
Kim KardashianOctober 21, 1980AmericanKim Kardashian is an American reality TV star, model, businesswoman and socialite
Michael CaineMarch 14, 1933BritishMichael Caine is a distinguished actor renowned for his Cockney accent and powerful depiction of roles
Tiger WoodsDecember 30, 1975AmericanTiger Woods is a professional golfer and one of the most successful golfers of all time
Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is a Hollywood star best known for his performances in movies like the ‘Die Hard’ series and ‘Pulp Fiction’

AmericanMarch 19, 1955182 views

Barbara Bush

Barbara Bush was the wife of the former President of the United States, George H

AmericanJune 8, 1925101 views

Mike Pence

Mike Pence is an American politician, serving as the 50th governor of Indiana since 2013

AmericanJune 7, 1959114 views

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins is considered to be one of the greatest actors ever

BritishDecember 31, 1937178 views

George Marshall

George Marshall was an American statesman and soldier who served as the Chief of Staff of the United States Army under two U.S

AmericanDecember 31, 1880117 views

Naomi Watts

Naomi Watts is famous Hollywood actress

BritishSeptember 28, 1968168 views

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Kate Middleton is the wife of Prince William and a member of the British royal

BritishJanuary 9, 1982100 views

Dr. Dre

Dr Dre (Andre Romelle Young) is an American rapper, producer and entrepreneur

AmericanFebruary 18, 1965338 views

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress, singer, owner of a lifestyle company and author of cookbooks

AmericanSeptember 27, 1972504 views