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Illinois has always been famous for being one of the most progressive states in the whole of America. Known for its abundance in natural resources, agriculture and small scale industries, Illinois has been a favorite among American citizens and immigrants alike. Many eminent personalities, who are popular globally, are born in the state of Illinois. Former American presidents Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama are natives of Illinois. Several chapters have been written in history books about the glorious life of Abraham Lincoln. His journey from a humble environment to the White House has not just inspired millions of people around the world, but also has been the subject of a biopic. Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States, has been praised for being a great orator and initiatives such as ‘ObamaCare’. Acclaimed rapper and singer Kanye West as well as singer R. Kelly, are a few other famous people who belong to this American state. Several chapters have been written about the legendary Abraham Lincoln’s life. Here are other famous celebrities who hail from the state of Illinois.

Hillary Clinton, Ronald Reagan, CM Punk, Harrison Ford & Walt Disney are some of the celebrities who hail from Illinois.

The Most Famous People From Illinois

Jessy SchramJanuary 15, 1986AmericanJessy Schram is an American actress best known for her role in the series ‘Falling Skies.’
Kaylyn SlevinDecember 28, 2000AmericanKaylyn Slevin is an American actress, dancer, model, and social media influencer
Mr. TMay 21, 1952AmericanMr
Rosa BlasiDecember 19, 1972AmericanRosa Blasi is an American actress
Wyatt OleffJuly 13, 2003AmericanWyatt Oleff is an upcoming American actor
Ethan CutkoskyAugust 19, 1999AmericanCheck out all that you wanted to know about Ethan Cutkosky, the famous American child actor; his birthday, his family and personal life, fun trivia facts and more.
Toni RomitiMarch 24, 1995AmericanToni Romiti is an American singer known for her single ‘Nothin on Me’
Corinna KopfDecember 1, 1995AmericanCorinna Kopf is an American Instagram model and vlogger
Aaleeyah PettyJuly 3, 1994AmericanCheck out all that you wanted to know about Aaleeyah Petty, the famous Instagram sensation, Viner and Twitter star; her birthday, her personal life, whereabouts, her social media activities, romantic associations, fun trivia facts and much more.
Ben SavageSeptember 13, 1980AmericanBen Savage is an American actor, who has acted in several films, television serials, and plays
Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is a Grammy Award winning American comedian and actress

John Malkovich

John Malkovich is a veteran actor and producer known for his roles in films like ‘Places in the Heart’ and ‘In the Line of Fire’

John Belushi

John Adam Belushi was an American comedian, musician and actor

AmericanJanuary 24, 1949311 views

John Cusack

John Cusack is an eminent American actor and scriptwriter

AmericanJune 28, 1966194 views

Jane Addams

Jane Addams was an American social and political activist, who worked especially for the welfare of women and children

Jack Benny

Jack Benny (Benjamin Kubelsky) was one of the most celebrated American entertainers of the 20th century

AmericanFebruary 14, 1894134 views

Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner was an American adult magazine publisher best known for being the founder of Playboy Enterprises

AmericanApril 9, 1926199 views

Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton is one of the most prominent female politicians of the United States

AmericanOctober 26, 1947138 views

Ray Kroc

Ray Kroc was the mastermind behind one of the world’s largest fast food chains, McDonald's

AmericanOctober 5, 1902294 views

Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper is an American hip hop artist best known for his mixtape ‘Coloring Book’

AmericanApril 16, 1993183 views