Jennifer Lopez is probably the first name that pops into our minds when we talk of Hispanic people. With her exotic looks, curvaceous figure and melodious voice, she is undoubtedly one of the most influential Hispanic performer in the United States. Eva Longoria is another Hispanic beauty who rules the American television world as an actress, producer, and director. While famed for their beauty and grace, Hispanic people have stormed not just the show business with their charms, but have also made their mark in other fields such as science, technology, architecture, and sports. Clinical psychologist Martha E. Bernal did the Hispanic women proud by becoming the first Latina to receive a psychology PhD in the United States while Puerto Rican American pediatrician Helen Rodríguez Trías carved a niche for herself as an advocate for women's reproductive rights. Athletes like Bobby Chacon, Leo Barker, and Zeke Moreno have proved that Hispanic people possess the best of sporting abilities too! Read on for more information about the life and works of famous Hispanic and Latino Americans.

List of famous Hispanics and Latino Americans who made it big in life.