With its large gamut of beautiful gods and goddesses, awe-inspiring mythical heroes and their stories on crusade, courage, and conquer and a civilization seeped in mythology and mystical, Greece has always been a thing of fancy for most people. And why not? Hellenic beauty, mythology and hospitability has always attracted plethora of attention, and mostly for the right reasons. But if you thought that Grecian charm was limited to just that, know that Greece has produced some truly world-class men and women too, who have left an indelible impression in the history of the world and how? From Olympian stalwarts and mighty conquerors to epic poets and enigmatic philosophers and from inspiring statesman and legendary lawmakers to avant-garde physicians and poignant painters, Greece has stamped its excellence in the world map with its inspiring lot of famous people. Let us all trail down the life, timeline, trivia and interesting facts in their equally enthusing biographies covered here.

Find out more about the greatest Greeks, including Alexander the Great, Cleopatra, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Aristotle and Plato.