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Gigi Gorgeous's Personal Details

Gigi Gorgeous (Gregory Allan Lazzarato) is a Canadian YouTuber, model, activist and actress

BirthdayApril 20, 1992
FamousYoutubers, Models, Social Media Stars, YouTubers, Vloggers
Nick namesGregory Allan Lazzarato, Gigi Loren Lazzarato
SiblingsAdam Lazzarato (Brother) and Cory Lazzarato
  • George Brown College
  • Toronto
  • Ontario
  • Canada
Birth PlaceMontreal, Quebec, Canada
FatherDavid Lazzarato
MotherJudith Belding Lazzarato
Net Worth$2 million as on Mar 9,2017
Sun SignAries
Born inMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Famous asYouTuber, Model

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Who is Gigi Gorgeous?

Gigi Gorgeous (Gregory Allan Lazzarato) is a Canadian YouTuber, model, activist and actress. With more than 2.6 million subscribers to her channel, Gigi is a huge YouTube star. She is a pathfinder in many ways. First she juggles multiple careers with much grace and cool. She is a popular Internet personality, a successful model and a promising model. Besides all these time intensive role, Gigi is determined to further her cause of promoting acceptance of various LGBT issues in Canada and worldwide. Being born a man, Gregory Allan, Gigi has completely transformed herself into this gorgeous and confident woman that she always felt like inside. Her life story, struggles and instances of intense courage while coming out is an inspiration to many around the world. Gigi has built up a large online following in several platforms by virtue of her honesty and conviction in her own self. Her channel is followed by millions of people, serves as a beacon of fashion, beauty and immense inner strength to all. She has translated her online success into multiple modeling, advertisement campaigns and film projects with some of the biggest names in the respective industries.

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Before Fame

Gigi was born as Gregory Allen Lazzarato to Canadian couple David and Judith. Gregory grew up in Quebec, Montreal and was raised as a Roman Catholic Christian. He was enrolled into St. Francis of Assisi School where she completed her elementary and middle school education. She later studied at Iona Catholic Secondary School where she completed the rest of her school education. While at school, Gigi (then known as Gregory) took part in various sports and was especially good at diving. She established herself as a nationally ranked diving competitor.

After finishing high school, Gigi enrolled into George Brown College in Toronto, Canada to study fashion. She left college midway to be close to home and also to concentrate on her budding YouTube career. In February 2013, Gigi’s mother Judith succumbed to Lukemia in a hospital in Toronto.

Her mother’s demise prompted her to gather up the courage to come out to the world as a transgender woman and she did so in 2013 on her YouTube channel. What followed as a period of struggle with friends and family who refused to accept this change.Yet the change happened and Gigi never shied away from the hard parts of the transition process. It is this tenacity that afforded her the kind of fame that she is currently enjoying.

How Fame Found Gigi

From her early teen years, Gigi, then Gregory, suffered from an acute gender identity crisis. She decided to find her solace in YouTube. She started the channel as Gregory Gorgeous in 2008 as an outlet to vent her own confused self to the world. Being in front of the camera, doing what she loved doing, talking about makeup and fashion, Gregory found it much easier on her soul. In her own words “My camera became my therapist and YouTube became my diary”.The channel not only talked about makeup tutorial and latest fashion trends, it also featured several Q and A videos where Gregory talked about her and often took on very difficult questions. It also featured her campus life during college.The channel saw also documented her transition from a shy teenage boy to an increasingly confident Transgender woman.

The channel grew increasingly popular not just for the content but for the precious insight that Gigi provided regarding transitioning and being a transgender woman. The honesty and conviction with which she delivered made her viewers sympathize with her views. The number of subscribers on her channel grew at a very fast pace and it reached 1 million subscribers by beginning of 2015. Currently the channel has over 2.5 million subscribers and a total view of over 350 million views.

Between 2011 and 2013, Gigi made her television debut while being featured in the YouTube-based Reality Show ‘The Avenue’. Among her other small screen ventures mention worthy are her appearance in Project Runway: All Stars, E! Celebrity Style Story and ABC 20/20 documentary about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

She has collaborated with a number of celebrities on various projects starting from movies to makeup. In 2015, she starred in the role of Amber in YouTuber Shawn Dawson’s debut project, a short film titled ‘I Hate Myselfie’. She was also featured in the film’s sequel later that year. She has also been featured in Kylie Jenner’s app giving makeup tips to her followers. Gigi also teamed up with Miley Cyrus to be featured in a photospread in Marie Claire Magazine. She also introduced Mylie for her debut performance at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards.

The same year Gigi signed an exclusive contract with Too Faced Cosmetics and featured in their ad campaign titled ‘Better Than Sex’. She was featured in the prestigious People Magazine, all the while appearing in the music video of the song ‘Another Lonely Night’ by Adam Lambert.

Her glamourous avatar has won the Streamy Award for Best Beauty Series on YouTube. By 2016, she has successfully been associated with a highly anticipated project based on her own life story, struggles and victories. A documentary titled ‘This Is Everything: Gigi Gorgeous’ made by acclaimed filmmaker Barbara Kopple. The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2017 and is currently being hosted exclusively at YouTube Red.

Gigi's Videos

She has taken her viewers on along the journey of her life as she transitioned the struggles, the opposition and the need for acceptance. She has documented everything in her Vlogs and yet not for once she had let the viewers feel sorry for her.

Her videos have always been upbeat and positive. She has shared every aspect of her life in her channel including her dating life, the relationships and even the breakups. Since her coming out, Gigi has explained to her fans that she is bisexual and is attracted to both the genders. Yet in 2015, she declared that once and for all that she was a lesbian and started dating Getty Oil heiress Nat Getty. The couple is going strong and the fans support their adorable display of affection over social media ever since.

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Gigi Gorgeous's FAQ

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous birthday?

    Gigi Gorgeous was born at 1992-04-20

  • Where is Gigi Gorgeous's birth place?

    Gigi Gorgeous was born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous nationalities?

    Gigi Gorgeous's nationalities is Canadian

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous nick names?

    Gigi Gorgeous's nickNames is Gregory Allan Lazzarato, Gigi Loren Lazzarato

  • Who is Gigi Gorgeous siblings?

    Gigi Gorgeous's siblings is Adam Lazzarato (Brother) and Cory Lazzarato

  • What was Gigi Gorgeous universities?

    Gigi Gorgeous studied at George Brown College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • How tall is Gigi Gorgeous?

    Gigi Gorgeous's height is 175

  • Who is Gigi Gorgeous's father?

    Gigi Gorgeous's father is David Lazzarato

  • Who is Gigi Gorgeous's mother?

    Gigi Gorgeous's mother is Judith Belding Lazzarato

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous's sun sign?

    Gigi Gorgeous is Aries

  • How famous is Gigi Gorgeous?

    Gigi Gorgeous is famouse as YouTuber, Model

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous's facebook?

    Gigi Gorgeous's facebook is

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous's twitter?

    Gigi Gorgeous's twitter is

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous's youtube?

    Gigi Gorgeous's youtube is

  • What is Gigi Gorgeous's instagram?

    Gigi Gorgeous's instagram is