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It is not easy being a gay man in the contemporary world! With the members of the LGBT community being subjected to rampant discrimination and social ridicule, life is sure very challenging for gay men. But with growing awareness about the LGBT community, it is becoming increasingly possible for gay people to come out of the closet and build a meaningful life for themselves. The 19th century German writer Karl Heinrich Ulrichs is seen today as the pioneer of the modern gay rights movement. George Cecil Ives was another gay man who was an early homosexual law reform campaigner. Despite the pioneering works of the early gay rights activists, men like Oscar Wilde, A. E. Housman, and Ralph Waldo Emerson had to face the society’s wrath for their private homosexual activities. Alan Mathison Turing was the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, yet he was prosecuted for homosexual acts performed in private. Achieving success in the conservative society as a gay man is a tremendous challenge and that’s why these guys are extra-special. Check out this section to know more about famous gay men.

List of famous gay people with their biographies that include trivia, interesting facts, timeline and life history.

The Most Famous Gays

Wentworth MillerJune 2, 1972British, AmericanWentworth Miller is an American actor and screenwriter who achieved recognition for his role in the TV series ‘Prison Break’.
Leo VaradkarJanuary 18, 1979IrishCam Leo Varadkar is the current Taoiseach—the Prime Minister—of the Republic of Ireland
Ricky MartinDecember 24, 1971Puerto RicanRicky Martin is a prominent Puerto Rican pop singer, songwriter and actor, who was a singing sensation during the 1990s
Willam BelliJune 30, 1982AmericanWillam Belli is an American actor, drag queen, model and reality TV personality
Alan BatesFebruary 17, 1934BritishSir Alan Arthur Bates was an English actor considered amongst the finest performers of his generation
Nate BerkusSeptember 17, 1971AmericanNate Berkus is an American interior designer, television personality, and author
Brandon FlynnOctober 11, 1993AmericanBrandon Flynn is an American actor
Jeffrey DahmerMay 21, 1960AmericanJeffrey Lionel Dahmer was an American was a serial killer and a sex offender
Kenny GossSeptember 17, 1958AmericanKenny Goss is an American art dealer who was the lover of singer George Michael
Fadi FawazMay 24, 1973Australian, LebaneseFadi Fawaz is an Australian-born Lebanese hairstylist and photographer
Michael Kors

Michael Kors

Michael Kors is a renowned American fashion designer

AmericanAugust 9, 1959189 views

Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen was an English poet and soldier and the greatest writer of war poetry in the English language

BritishMarch 18, 1893328 views

Tom Ford

Tom Ford is a celebrated fashion designer and film director

AmericanAugust 27, 1961134 views

Antonio D’Amico

Antonio D’Amico is an Italian designer and model

ItalianJanuary 20, 1959377 views

John Waters

John Waters is an American actor, director, screenwriter, comedian, stage artist, journalist, visual artist and author.

AmericanApril 22, 1946145 views

Charles Nelson Reilly

Charles Nelson Reilly was an American comedian, drama teacher, and stage and TV director

AmericanJanuary 13, 1931124 views

Harvey Milk

Harvey Milk was America’s first openly gay person to be elected to public office in California

AmericanMay 22, 1930182 views

Benjamin Maisani

Benjamin Maisani is the partner of famous journalist Anderson Cooper

FrenchJanuary 27, 1973459 views

Simon Halls

Simon Halls is a popular American publicist, best known as the husband of actor Matt Bomer

CanadianJanuary 12, 1964132 views

Rostam Batmanglij

Rostam Batmanglij is an American songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist

AmericanNovember 28, 1983100 views