Famous people died in 1995 - page 4

Peter Edward Cook

Peter Edward Cook

Peter Cook was one of the most talented comedians Britain has ever produced

BritishNovember 17, 1937228 views

Jonas Salk

Jonas Salk was a famous American virologist and medical researcher who discovered the polio vaccine

AmericanOctober 28, 1914207 views

Jerry Garcia

Jerry Garcia was an American musician and guitarist, best known as one of the co-founders of the rock band, The Grateful Dead

AmericanAugust 1, 1942525 views

James Meade

James Edward Meade was a British economist who was one of the co-recipients of the 1977 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences

BritishJune 23, 1907185 views

Ginger Rogers

Ginger Rogers was an award-winning American dancer, singer and actress

AmericanJuly 16, 1911186 views

Ann Dunham

Ann Dunham was an American anthropologist and played a major role in the rural development of Indonesia

AmericanNovember 29, 1942293 views

Iqbal Masih

Iqbal Masih was a Pakistani boy who suffered as a child labourer and later became a symbol of child labour

Pakistani1983505 views

Bob Ross

Bob Ross was a celebrated, creative American painter and an art instructor

AmericanOctober 29, 1942768 views