Famous people died in 1940

Carl Bosch

Carl Bosch

Carl Bosch was a well-known German chemist and industrialist

GermanAugust 27, 1874123 views

Arthur Harden

Sir Arthur Harden was a famous English biochemist

BritishOctober 12, 1865123 views

Lillian Wald

Lillian D

AmericanMarch 10, 1867138 views

Anton Hansen Tammsaare

Anton Hansen Tammsaare was an Estonian writer who is best known for his pentalogy ‘Truth and Justice’

EstonianJanuary 30, 1878119 views

Smedley Butler

Smedley Butler was a highly decorated Major General in the US Marine Corps and a vocal critic of war profiteering

AmericanJuly 30, 188190 views

Robert Wadlow

Robert Wadlow was the tallest person in history as per the Guinness Book of Records

AmericanFebruary 22, 1918227 views

Alfred Loisy

Alfred Loisy was a famous French Roman Catholic priest

FrenchFebruary 28, 1857120 views

Silvestre Revueltas

This Mexican composer, violinist and conductor is feted for his originality, charm, and vitality

MexicanDecember 31, 1899109 views

Marcus Garvey

Marcus Garvey was a prominent political leader of Jamaica

JamaicanAugust 17, 1887172 views