Famous people died in 1909

    Leopold II of Belgium

    Leopold II of Belgium

    Leopold II was the second King of the Belgians and the founder and sole owner of the Congo Free State

    BelgianApril 9, 183598 views

    Mary MacKillop

    Mary MacKillop was an Australian nun who went on to become the first saint from the country

    AustralianJanuary 15, 1842207 views

    Red Cloud

    Red Cloud was a war chief who led the Oglala Sioux tribe in what was known as Red Cloud’s War against the United States Army

    American182298 views

    Isaac Albeniz

    Isaac Albeniz was a great musician who revived Spanish music and composed many works based on Spanish folk music

    SpanishMay 29, 1860215 views

    Hermann Minkowski

    Hermann Minkowski was a prominent German mathematician

    GermanJune 22, 1864113 views


    Geronimo was a well-known Apache leader and a medicine man

    AmericanJune 16, 18291,032 views