Famous people died in 1896

Ferdinand von Mueller

Ferdinand von Mueller

Ferdinand von Mueller was a German-Australian botanist and geographer

AustralianJune 30, 1825142 views

Henry Parkes

Henry Parkes was a famous Australian politician who served as the Premier of the Colony of New South Wales

AustralianMay 27, 1815137 views

Alfred Nobel

Alfred Nobel was the inventor of dynamite and a manufacturer of arms who left his vast fortunes to institute the Nobel Prizes

SwedishOctober 21, 1833195 views

Anton Bruckner

The sparkling career of Anton Bruckner has always been an inspiration for many

Clara Wieck Schumann

Clara Wieck Schumann was a distinguished German musician and composer of the Romantic era

GermanSeptember 13, 181993 views

William Morris

William Morris was an English textile designer, writer and socialist

BritishMarch 24, 1834102 views

Jose Rizal

Jose Rizal was a writer and revolutionary regarded as the greatest national hero of the Philippines

FilipinosJune 19, 1861157 views

Harriet Beecher Stowe

Harriet Beecher Stowe was a famous nineteenth century American author, social reformer & philanthropist

AmericanJune 14, 1811239 views