Famous people died in 1834

    Thomas Telford

    Thomas Telford

    Thomas Telford was a Scottish civil engineer and architect, famously dubbed as the ‘Colossus of Roads’

    ScottishAugust 9, 1757143 views

    Thomas Robert Malthus

    Thomas Robert Malthus was an English economist best known for his hugely influential theories on population growth

    BritishFebruary 13, 1766121 views

    Marquis de Lafayette

    Marquis de Lafayette was a French aristocrat and for the United States in the American Revolutionary War

    FrenchSeptember 6, 1757158 views

    Samuel Coleridge

    Samuel Coleridge was an English lyrical poet, critic and philosopher

    BritishOctober 21, 1772138 views

    William Carey

    William Carey was an English Baptist missionary and a Baptist minister

    BritishAugust 17, 1761104 views

    Charles Lamb

    Charles Lamb was an English essayist, poet, fiction writer and critic from the Romantic period

    BritishFebruary 10, 1775174 views