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Agoura High School Varsity
Megan Wallace
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Who is Nic Wallace?

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Fame in todayโ€™s world is more like a flash of 15 seconds, donโ€™t you guys agree? If one can make the best of that flash, it gets a life of its own. If not, this flash just lasts for 15 seconds, shines bright for 5 more seconds, blinds the audience as well as the individual and then vanishes. Fame and its passenger disappear from the view of the audience and once again, life goes on. One such passenger who is enjoying his flash of fame currently is Nic Wallace. This teen is a YouTuber who arrived at the social media scene in 2014, but he wasnโ€™t quite active then. However in 2015, he posted a few pictures in โ€˜Instagramโ€™, which earned Wallace around 30,000 fans in a very short time. He became more active on social media since then and thereโ€™s been no looking back for this young lad. He has almost 70,000 followers on โ€˜Twitterโ€™ and almost 220,000 followers in โ€˜Instagramโ€™ and the numbers are just steadily increasing.

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Nic Wallace The Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Nic Wallace mainly rose to fame due to his โ€˜Instagramโ€™ pictures. This athletic teenager also became a YouTuber and rose to fame due to some of the interesting videos that he participated in with Johnny Orlando and Dylan and Hayden Summerall. His most famous video is the one filmed during โ€˜Rainbow Milk Challengeโ€™ - an event Nic participated in along with his friends, Dylan and Hayden. Nicโ€™s fame and fan following soon had him meet other social media personalities and one such personality was Jordyn Jones, who he dated for a few months in 2015 and early 2016.

Nic Wallace What Makes Nic Wallace So Special

This visibility which Wallace got due to his relationship with Jordyn, shot him to fame. Nic and his former girlfriend, Jordyn, appeared in many YouTube videos together when they were seeing each other. The famous couple broke up after almost a year of being together.

Nic Wallace Beyond Fame

As per Nic, Jordyn got way too obsessive for him to handle, so he broke up with her. This topic seems to be a difficult one for his ex-girlfriend to talk about, who does not share her side of the picture and simply shuts off. The two have not been seen together after deciding to part ways.

Nic Wallace Behind The Curtains

Nic has a brother, Wes and sister, Lily. His sister Lily is also a dancer and completed the Hall of Fame Dance Competition as a nine year old. Though he was born in Massachusetts, he grew up in Illinois. He loves sports and is an avid footballer.

Nic Wallace Trivia

He likes sports and plays football for his school

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Frequently asked questions about Nic Wallace

  • What is Nic Wallace birthday?

    Nic Wallace was born at August 7, 2000

  • Where is Nic Wallace's birth place?

    Nic Wallace was born in Boston

  • What is Nic Wallace nationalities?

    Nic Wallace's nationalities is American

  • What is Nic Wallace nick names?

    Nic Wallace's nickNames is Nic

  • Who is Nic Wallace siblings?

    Nic Wallace's siblings is Lily, Wes

  • What was Nic Wallace universities?

    Nic Wallace studied at Agoura High School Varsity university

  • Who is Nic Wallace's father?

    Nic Wallace's father is M

  • Who is Nic Wallace's mother?

    Nic Wallace's mother is Megan Wallace

  • What is Nic Wallace's sun sign?

    Nic Wallace is Leo

  • What is Nic Wallace's twitter?

    Nic Wallace's twitter is

  • What is Nic Wallace's instagram?

    Nic Wallace's instagram is